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July 03, 2006


So the whole family (as well as all of kittyparty Bangalore, it seems) were down to The Taj on Saturday night for E_'s wedding reception (a tradition that I'll never completely understand, but w/e). The brother-in-law pulls me downstairs to their Pub Ice (this is the only link I managed to find) about half an hour into the England-Portugal match. About 2 drinks into the match, he comes with the most fabulous argument against supporting the Brits in the match. He figures that a large chunk of footer fans in the country are Brit-licks simply because the EPL plays so often on Indian television; but it isn't even that. No, it wasn't that they'd raped the country and plundered our "resources", neither that their football team is the MOST BORING in the world. Screw the fact that their PM is a sockpuppet in the hands of a giant turd (stop beating about the Bush, Pi!)

In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with England at all. A_ simply said this - If it wasn't for the Portuguese, Goa wouldn't be the way it is today.

Holy moley, he's right. How the bloody hell do you argue against THAT?!

(He also went on to describe in detail how, instead, Goa would have had along its beaches, lungi clad Konakani uncles flashing their privates at every fishing boat passing by the coast. I REALLY want to disagree, but I'm not so sure myself)

So the match went so much sweeter after that. We applauded like maniacs when Rooney was red-carded, leapt around the place like total fanatics for every penalty in the shootout and walked out of Taj with wide fuckin' smiles after the match was over. Super.


Kini said...

Friggin neat-o!

But the comments section was waay cooler in the previous version. Plus the sidebar with the links to the other blogs is kinda weird. And thats very inconvenient for somebody like me who visits those blogs through yours. :D

Now do my template. Pretty please?

Pi said...

Will put off that comments section here too, as soon as I find the time for it.

And the sidebar looks the same, no? What changes specifically?

Pi said...

There you go. I'm back to normal.