"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 16, 2006


Two years since I posted this. Happy birthday to me.

No, that's not all. I'm throwing a party. Right here, right now. You're invited. Oh wait, you're already here. Please don't mind the excessive decorations, and the faux-ntain in the middle with naked women dancing beside it. I don't get to celebrate very often, so this is the ONE BIG time. The alcohol's by the east wing, just make sure you drop nothing on the carpets. The airconditioning means you'll have to smoke on the balcony, just don't drop your glasses or bottles by the side. It's a hell of a fall, 4 stories down, and I don't want the cops on my ass again.

That girl over there? You want an intro? Sure thing, man. Tuck in your shirt though, and teach the fly to anti-gravitate. What, you need to practice your "lines"? Er, right. Let me know when you want to talk to her. She's single, and considering the amount she's drinking I'm sure she's a loosey goosey. No, she has NOT been 'employed' to be at this party, you prude. Sheesh.

That loner group in the corner? Yeah, my friends. No no, they're not bored OR shy. They're just busy discussing the upcoming Planetary finale, and the latest Miller release. Don't worry, they're happy. And by some stupid stroke of luck they're going to land up with hot smart women. Yeah, I don't understand it either. I'm just hoping some of thet luck rubs off on me. Hrmm.

[half the room clears. The woman half.]


[soon enough, the rest of the room clears too.]

Fine man, fine. Happy Birthday to me. Hmph.

[atleast you should be happy it wasn't a black tie affair]

Heading for Chittarnajan on Tuesday. Wish me luck. Won't be updating during it, of course. And if I live to tell the tale, buy me a beer.


Mukka said...

I love this space.

Arnab C. said...

I'll second that...oh btw tis' is frustrated comic lover of ahmedabad...ne new suggestions? the preacher kind?it was mighty awesome....

Pi said...

Mukka, thanks man. If it wasn't for you and the millions who read this everyday, why, I'd never have become the millionaire I am today!


Arnab, thanks a bunch.

So now TWO people congratulated me. How nice. Talk about reader loyalty.

beatzo said...

Oh, alright, alright. I will delurk and wish you a happy enniversary. Now what was that again about the Planetary finale?