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July 17, 2006


[Not for the weak of heart]

Capital A, Capital WESOMENESS.

Art by Frank Quitely, Written by Grant Morrison, twopage spread for We3 #2.

Lots and lots of detail. Zoom in.

See you guys in a week, I hope.


Arnab C. said...

DUDE!!! that was awesome..ohh am the frustrated ahmedabadi comic lover...who psted one pity comment long back...but hey done with preacher...in a single night i must say...ne good new suggestions?

Pi said...

My dear frustated ahmedabadi comic lover. Go to zcultfm.com. Register. Work out where the trackers are. Read the forums. Surely you'll then be able to figure out what to read AND where to get it from. If you still need more info, write to me, alright? Not an issue.

And preacher in a single night, eh? My my, impressive :)