"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 30, 2006


Bleh. I'm back, idiots. Also drunk. Will write more tomorrow.

July 18, 2006


Radioverve. This too, is the awesomeness. Just click play, minimize. and enjoy Indo-Indie (:P) music till it gets you knackered.

Oh, and the whole blogspot/typepad blackout is apparently because the government thinks terrorists use blogs to communicate.

Yeah, that's right. Not kidding.

Done laughing yet?

July 17, 2006

So my dear Indian Government seems to be blocking blogspot access across the country...

First, read this for the whole story.

Then, use this or this to beat it. Of course, you're already here, so you're reading it.If you know people who can't access blogspot or typepad, do let them know how to.

Thanks in advance.


[Not for the weak of heart]

Capital A, Capital WESOMENESS.

Art by Frank Quitely, Written by Grant Morrison, twopage spread for We3 #2.

Lots and lots of detail. Zoom in.

See you guys in a week, I hope.

July 16, 2006


Two years since I posted this. Happy birthday to me.

No, that's not all. I'm throwing a party. Right here, right now. You're invited. Oh wait, you're already here. Please don't mind the excessive decorations, and the faux-ntain in the middle with naked women dancing beside it. I don't get to celebrate very often, so this is the ONE BIG time. The alcohol's by the east wing, just make sure you drop nothing on the carpets. The airconditioning means you'll have to smoke on the balcony, just don't drop your glasses or bottles by the side. It's a hell of a fall, 4 stories down, and I don't want the cops on my ass again.

That girl over there? You want an intro? Sure thing, man. Tuck in your shirt though, and teach the fly to anti-gravitate. What, you need to practice your "lines"? Er, right. Let me know when you want to talk to her. She's single, and considering the amount she's drinking I'm sure she's a loosey goosey. No, she has NOT been 'employed' to be at this party, you prude. Sheesh.

That loner group in the corner? Yeah, my friends. No no, they're not bored OR shy. They're just busy discussing the upcoming Planetary finale, and the latest Miller release. Don't worry, they're happy. And by some stupid stroke of luck they're going to land up with hot smart women. Yeah, I don't understand it either. I'm just hoping some of thet luck rubs off on me. Hrmm.

[half the room clears. The woman half.]


[soon enough, the rest of the room clears too.]

Fine man, fine. Happy Birthday to me. Hmph.

[atleast you should be happy it wasn't a black tie affair]

Heading for Chittarnajan on Tuesday. Wish me luck. Won't be updating during it, of course. And if I live to tell the tale, buy me a beer.


(no links, punk!)

Saturday- Lunch with Azhar at Desmond's (the most boss steak in the world), bookshopping trip which got me Gaiman's AnansiBoys, SmokeAndMirrors, Neverwhere (which I'm reading listening to Gaiman's tribute album); also a Carl Hiassen Omnibus. Azhar picked up Gaiman'sAmericanGods, H2G2, AnimalFarm, LOTR: Fellowship... and some others. Sat in JavaCity and ogled at this woman who kept tying and untying her hair (yeah, flipflopping heart). Chilled in Azhar's place, then headed for Vijeth's where we (Sajith was there too) jammed, smoked, and ordered chinese takeout. Watched Clerks: The Animated Series (5 stars, btw. Funny funny shit.). Crashed late, came back early.

Sunday- Listened to three albums by the Beta Band (remember the reference in High Fidelity? Yeah, that band. Super.) Read the whole Boom! studios catalogue. Now going to eat a giant dinner which includes oyster sannas and chicken. Meeting up with S_R for a smoke or something later. Will then watch Virgin Suicides; a movie that's been recommended and has been promised to "change the way I think about women". Uh huh. Will then continue reading Anansi Boys and fall asleep to the whispers of Mazzy Star.

So what the f*ck did YOU do this weekend?

July 15, 2006

Erik Mongrain

Ok, will whoever it is that sent me,at 4:45 in the morning, this link to Erik Mongrain playing "AirTap" kindly tell me his/her/their name? I'd like to thank you for giving me the most fabulous beginning to this weekend. Thanks to you, I've already checked out all his other videos, downloaded all his music from his site, etc etc. Very neat guitarist. Thank you thank you thank you.

Episode 15

I'm losing my drive for this strip.

Oh, based on a true story, in case you wanted to know. Hehe.

July 13, 2006

15 minutes of shame

Bing! Your time's up! Hope you enjoy oblivion, Mr. Pi!

Buried in my comments section...

...Bangaru dropped me a comment, reproduced in full.

Time and again you tried to disturb us and disrupt our life -- killing innocent civilians by planting bombs in trains, buses and cars. You have tried hard to bring death and destruction, cause panic and fear and create communal disharmony. But every time you were unsuccessful.

Do you know how difficult life in Mumbai is? Do you know what it takes for us to earn that single rupee? If you wanted to shock us, then we are sorry to say that you failed miserably. Better look elsewhere.

We are not Hindus and Muslims or Gujaratis and Marathis or Punjabis and Bengalis. Nor do we distinguish ourselves as owners or workers, government employees or private employees.

We are Mumbaikars, or Bombay-ites, if you like. We will not allow you to disrupt our life like this.

On the last few occasions when you struck -- including the many deadly blasts in a single day killing over 250 people and injuring many more in 1993 -- we went to work the next day in full strength.

This time, we were back to normal within a few hours -- the vendors taking their next order, businessmen finalising the next deals and the office workers rushing to catch the next train. Yes, the same train you targeted.

Fathom this: Within three hours of the blasts, long queues of blood donating volunteers were seen outside various hospitals where most of the injured were admitted. The next day, schools and offices functioned. The city has simply moved on, perhaps with greater vigour.

We are Mumbaikars and we live like brothers in times like this. So, do not dare to threaten us with your crackers.

Dear Terrorist,
Even if you are not reading this we don't care.
The spirit of Mumbai is too strong for you to handle.
Please forward this to others. Your fellow terrorists in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Iraq can also learn some important lessons from this.

Unflinchingly yours,
The people of Mumbai


July 12, 2006


Syd Barrett's body is dead.

Comic Book Cliches.
"All members of alien races will adhere to the Gene Roddenberry Code of Conduct by:

  • appearing primarily as two-legged, two-armed humanoids.
  • possessing universal translators that instantly understand any language (except when a plotline demands some language barrier).
  • coming from planets with homogeneous cultures, with the same language, religion, uniform and hairstyle shared by everyone else on that planet."

Heartless Bitches international.
Not good news, folks.

The Viral Garden's Top 25 Marketing Blogs (Updated weekly)
It's about like, yo, marketing, uh huh.

...from which I reached Seth Godin's blog, which has a really crazy observation. Googling for "therapy products" gives, for absolutely no plausible reason, an inset of google results for "yahoo".I tried it on Google India and it gave the same results. [see pic] Didn't work for Google China, or Google Italy. Then I just got bored when I realized the nerdiness of it all :P

Oh, and I might not be blogging till Monday. Probably won't be near a computer either. See you guys soon, I hope.

July 11, 2006

[bad shit]

You terrorists are so fucked up fucked up FUCKED UP. Bastards.

I pledge allegiance

This is so that Beatzo finally publishes the manifesto. We need to see the words, master!

[Got the monkey outline off google images]

Zizou can play on my team anytime he wants to

I LOVE the fact that Zidane won the golden ball.

Kottke has compiled lowdown on what Materazzi told Zidane just before the infamous headbutt (youtube link).

Die, pastafuckers.

Your past life diagnosis:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Germany around the year 1025.
Your profession was that of a monk (nun), bee-keeper or lone gunman.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Inquisitive, inventive, you liked to get to the very bottom of things and to rummage in books. Talent for drama, natural born actor.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
There is an invisible connection between the material and the spiritual world. Your lesson is to search, find and use this magical bridge.


No. no. no.
I couldn't have been a monk. It means I was single then too!


"Comment allez-vous? Mon examen a fini aujourd'hui . Je suis tres content. Il ya une fete le vendredi. J'aurai chez mon ami le vendredi. Apres quelques temp , I appelerai mon ami. Il s'endormi beaucoup."

One of my favourite people, just for today, is random, uncontrollable and self-admittedly ungovernable. I wonder if she knows it.


The official DreamTheater FAQ from November 1997. Ultrafab geek material. Loved it.

July 10, 2006

*standard disclaimer* please don't use this, Mr. T3rrori5t.

I could get into trouble for this, but I'm saying it anyway. I'm certain somebody has thought of it before, but it's a conspiracy theory that I need to say out loud.

Fact 1- It's not such a good idea to plan terrorist attacks on government buildings. The security's too high, and you kill off 2 old farts, there are 4 more ready to take their place.

Fact 2- Terror and fear are not caused by psyching out politicians, but by psyching out people. Which is *probably* how Dubya's kept his seat for 2 terms. Is why 9/11 was such an effective terror attack, no? Simple, direct, and blew 6 billion minds!

Fact 3- There is one MAJOR binding factor that a lot of the educated/ civilized/ working/ scare-worthy people depend on daily, for large periods of time, and would panic if it fell apart. The bloody internet.

So here's the idea -

Bomb Google. Take out their search engine servers. Blogspot too. A couple of ISPs, say Comcast too. The security isn't as great as, for example airports or the pentagon, and it would be easy to smuggle C4 in. (C4 is a word I've learnt watching too many english movies. Apparently no other explosive passes the hollywood standard. whatever). Make sure slashdot goes down too.

Get the picture? Panic. Not too many lives lost, but the message is through.

There's a TomClancy novel in this somewhere, I know it.

Am I wrong here? Could somebody tell me if this theory is just the result of me being single and desperate, or do I have a future career as an anarchist?

Er, not that I want to.

[this post has no intention of encouraging any form of terrorist activity. None. Zero. Be good citizens, or I'll kick your ass.]

Episode 14

I rule.

Absolutely random graphic in my mail inbox which has nothing to do with anything at all so don't be a butthead and ask me questions about it

Quick note

Need a site to download music from without bittorrent? Say there's just one song you need, and it's relatively rare, when compared to say Metallica or Spears?

Say there's a song by Mazzy Star that's just been recommended to you and you can't find it with your friends or the net?

www.grammy.ru. Super assortment. Good good collections. Direct downloads, no shit. Supports download accelerators too. No popups. And pics of hot russian women in nonobtrusive ads on a banner on the top of the page, just so you have something to see while your music downloads. Just don't get psyched by the russian text everywhere when you open up the site. Click on ENG on the top right, and atleast the tabs will change to english. Click on music, do your search by artist, song name, etc.

Back to work. I HATE my job. HATE.

But I really like Mazzy Star. As should you.

Update: Couldn't find SaigonKick on it. Damn. If anybody has any songs by SaigonKick could they please gimme? Will be eternally grateful.

July 08, 2006


News update. I'm bloody busy. BLEDDI.

And, I just got a 512 kbps net connection that has an upper limit of 50 GB a month.

Yeah, I know. Super. All I need now is an eyepatch and a parrot on my shoulder. Arrrrrr.

Will be disappearing for the weekend, see you guys on Monday maybe.


Fucker, Happy B'day. Buy me some beer.

July 07, 2006

Sabnis is a geek!

IIPM petpeeve Gaurav Sabnis jumps onto the comics bandwagon! It's hilarious reading this guy's post. I can almost imagine him going "OMG, d00d, that comix is TEH UBER-KOOL! I mean like, Sandman, nd SinCity, and now I HAVE to read Preacher! WOWWWIE ZOWWIE". It's quite nice to hear people suddenly discovering graphic novels and exclaiming "Gaiman, w00t! Miller, w00t! Ennis, w00t!"

Hehe. Gaurav, I know exactly what you mean. Maybe you should consider giving beatzo a call after all. He's the only guy I know with a 3-digit GB collection of comics. He's also DESPERATE to show off his collection to new people, since all his older friends (including myself) are now just pissed with him and are planning on raping his happiness.

Episode 13

Busy busy busy.


From what I remember, we were heroes for about a week after this show.

And yet strangely we were all single till the end of college (and still are). Funny, eh?

(thx for the pic, Jayeth!)


Stephen "BriefHistory" Hawking posts the following question on Yahoo Answers -

"How can the human race survive for the next hundred years?"

Made my day, man.

July 06, 2006


Read this. Now. For douchebags who've spoken for/against the whole quota issue without knowing jack, here comes a story that's a little jarring.

PS- I wonder if anybody'll do a follow up on this in another 4 years or so.

Moulin Rough

That's right. Moulin ROUGH.
Sometimes I don't even have to come up with the jokes.

Click and zoom. Read them ALL.

[Today's TOI classifieds, btw. And those of you who decide to actually use the numbers, be safe, ok?]

Episode 12 (World Cup Special)

It's a FranceItaly final?! WTF?!

Before you say it, yes , I know the drawing sucks.

July 05, 2006


You know that you're a skank, and a dirty rotten whore,
And every day away from you, I want you even more,
By leaving me alone, yeah, you really pulled a stunt,
But I'll always walk towards you, you stupid little... girl.

[Shit like this cracks me up. Sorry :) ]

Dear R_,

I also like Tia Maria. Especially the strange aftertaste of coffee.

Old photo, Manipal.

July 04, 2006

Them Yanks...

Shit shit shit. I read this site everyday and I've never plugged for it.

Nevermind, never too late to fix that.

Ladies and Germs, The onion, the single most reliable online (or otherwise) news provider. Enjoy maadi. I expect something special from them this 4thofJuly. Or not, w/e.

This one time...


I think I was in love with you before I even met you.

Not you, of course, but the idea that there was a woman out there like you. Y'know, a busty daft woman who picks up the bill. Ha, and you always thought you were special. Fuck off!

Ahem. So anyway.
Before I forget, do remember to go here and wish the bykerthreeplusfour a very happy birthday. He's 30, grumpier than usual(woah!) and spent the night installing antivirus updates on his comp.
No, really. I'm not even certain he was drinking.
You're welcome to panic now.
Bon Jovi's "These Days". Managed to find a torrent off demonoid, and am now totally in nostalgia mode, what with "While My Guitar Lies Bleeding..." on infinite repeat. *sigh* I love it love it love it.
Do any of you have that great one tape that gave you peace of mind after a long day of school? Tell me.
After reading through this review of DefLeppard's album "Yeah!", and the raging battle going on in the comments section, I have a question to ask - you know how people who critique a piece of art/music/film/etc negatively are challenged back with a "Why don't YOU make a 20 million dollar album first and then you get the right to bash somebody else up". Why isn't it the opposite? Why aren't fans challenged with the same thing before they profess their love for anything? Hell, it'll silence the millions who seem to have liked this shit so much that they're actually releasing a sequel (aaaaaughh!!) Bottom line is, isn't every review based purely on opinion? That opinion, that moves faster than the speed of thought? Hell, I'm quite certain this pompous prick selfproclaimed expert my very good friend beatzo would raise an eyebrow and ask me to grow up and isten to REAL music (and then conveniently point me towards J-pop or electronica, hrmm); but that's quite simply based on his preferences too, yeah?
Dear god, I could admit right here that Backstreet Boys "Spanish Eyes" made me feel all warm Never mind.

You guys are reading the striked out text anyway, aren't you? Cheaters :D
I want to give you just one link to read, but there sure is a lot here. I'll just let you know that there even was a segment on TimesNow with the John Abraham lookalike of the movie (kindly note pink bra). He's skinnier than me, and is sporting a Rachel Green hairdo. I friggin' give up; somebody pass me the beer.

Ooh, before I dive into oblivion for a few days, let me give a shout out to Ganja, who calls at 3 in the night just to tell me that life sucks. I love you too man :P



Headspace: Inside The Mindscape Of Alan Moore

Can somebody find me a copy of this, please?

July 03, 2006


So the whole family (as well as all of kittyparty Bangalore, it seems) were down to The Taj on Saturday night for E_'s wedding reception (a tradition that I'll never completely understand, but w/e). The brother-in-law pulls me downstairs to their Pub Ice (this is the only link I managed to find) about half an hour into the England-Portugal match. About 2 drinks into the match, he comes with the most fabulous argument against supporting the Brits in the match. He figures that a large chunk of footer fans in the country are Brit-licks simply because the EPL plays so often on Indian television; but it isn't even that. No, it wasn't that they'd raped the country and plundered our "resources", neither that their football team is the MOST BORING in the world. Screw the fact that their PM is a sockpuppet in the hands of a giant turd (stop beating about the Bush, Pi!)

In fact, it has absolutely nothing to do with England at all. A_ simply said this - If it wasn't for the Portuguese, Goa wouldn't be the way it is today.

Holy moley, he's right. How the bloody hell do you argue against THAT?!

(He also went on to describe in detail how, instead, Goa would have had along its beaches, lungi clad Konakani uncles flashing their privates at every fishing boat passing by the coast. I REALLY want to disagree, but I'm not so sure myself)

So the match went so much sweeter after that. We applauded like maniacs when Rooney was red-carded, leapt around the place like total fanatics for every penalty in the shootout and walked out of Taj with wide fuckin' smiles after the match was over. Super.


BlogTemplate under construction. Something simpler. Will finish off the sidebar by evening.

July 01, 2006

Everything Zen

What I'd like is a girlfriend, so I can take photos of her and make tiny printouts to keep in my pockets, so that whenever I reach into them to take out money to buy smokes, I'll see the snaps and *maybe* decide to postpone the smoke till later.
Are you in the advertising industry? I surely hope you read this and this everyday. No? Atleast read this.(this for the more "creative" types) Bored? Die in your own obsolescence.
You suppose I don't have the right to speak about it? Me, the friggin' market?
Nanites, mask killer, retcon, ZPE - when these start making sense in daily conversation, you need to stop downloading comics.
Feel free to laugh loudly the next time your pseudo friend/aquaintance asks you 'What's up at your end?".
Also, feel free to reply, "Nothing, butt I have a nagging pain in my derriere"

(Title from a Bush song)