"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 07, 2006

This And That

A trial strip. Any good? One more coming tomorrow.


Mukka said...

I think it's really funny, and I want in too.
Shoot me if I turn out to be wrong later.

Ganja said...

this is the plot you bugged me for???
but it's funny.

Pi said...

Yeah Mukka, come back fast and we'll do something.

Ganja, no man, this is just something that happened. Besides, YOU'RE supposed to be giving me plots.

Kini said...

Finally. :)

P.S: You draw like shit.

P.P.S: Funny shit. :D

creepo said...

Hitler was not a saint. Good effort

Pi said...

Thanks Kini.

Aww man, creepo, are you actually softening up on me? Tch tch, here I thought you were a bad person.

worldisaverysmallplace said...


neat stuff dude.

kamal said...

funny... drawing is little irritating.

bbhimom=2339440732 said...

Thanks guys. And it's not drawing, it's ART.