"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 13, 2006

StillLife 1

I'm bored. I'm busy. I want to drink, read, write comic books, scripts and novels, play Uno, sleep till 12, stay awake till 3, meet Malini Sharma, trip on CaliforniaSunshine at Paradiso Anjuna, jam in a garage with DIY soundproofed walls, watch Death Cab For Cutie live in Boston with V, cut tomatoes and mushrooms for an omlettes with toast, tattoo my back with Ogami Ittō, drink some more and get down to a life I've only dreamed off.

If nothing else, can I atleast drink?

And yet it's still life.


Kini said...

Lovely work, lovely house, lovely writing. S-pai you are on a roll.

Pi said...

Thanks, dumbass. That's mojo's, btw. I thought the radiohead poster would be a giveaway. Why the heck aren't you posting?

Kini said...

Everything I write magically turns into horse-shit. Will tell you more when you come by.

Ganja said...

Uno rules man! Radiohead doesn't.

Pi said...

Radiohead, I like. As I do Sheila Chandra. Ha!

But Uno, we agree. Wild four.

Kini said...

I've posted a teeny-weeny post.

pinni said...

hey i loved that movie, waking life. this picture reminded me to see it again. and yeah uno rules!!!