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June 12, 2006

SelfPortrait 2

Look at me, I'm getting Lapham-ish pics.

What I'm doing is taking some old photos, and reworking them based on some digital inking tutorials I found on the net. I'm not exceptionally bothered about colours right now, neither about any sense of creative expression; it does bother me, however, that this isn't really 'art'work, what with pencil not touching paper. But my co-conspirators will probably agree - it doesn't matter as long as it serves the purpose, eh? Secondly, I'm QUITE certain that I could jazz it up with about a hundred effects from photoshop, I'm choosing not to do so; this is more of a practice run until I find a proper artist (Mukka, biyatch).

Thirdly, surely it looks better than stickmen angels and demons :)
Next up - Still life (must beat the narcissistic streak - no more self important pics)

Oh, and am typing out new posts. I don't want this to become a comic strip blog, or art tutorial blog, or anything themed for that matter.

Good weekend, junta?


Ganja said...

fucking awesome.

Pi said...

Danke Sehr, my friend :D

[Happy Pi]

Venu said...

second ganja there.

btw, and this is a little off-topic, do you browse deviantART?

Pi said...

Thanks man. Yeah , have hung around deviantART a bit. Very nice, despite the copyrighting problems.

Rajat said...

That pic gives your eyes an evil glint ;-). Reminds me of Sin City. Thresholding again, I presume?

Pi said...

Not just. It's tougher with faces because the lights different all across it, so only parts get thresholded properly in different ranges. No, this time I used pens to plot paths and filled them in. Some photoshopping later to touch it up. This tutorial helped, though it's still more difficilt with photos.

And yeah, evil. That's me. Bring in the harem dancers!

me said...

i came, i saw.. and im leaving.(ill call you?)

am glad there s no 'i had to go to health and glow' hate post up here. Or should i not have reminded you?

worldisaverysmallplace said...

toooo good

there is this sinful look in ur eyes dude, as if it will burn everthing tat comes under its sight

Pi said...

Uh, right.

Watch out, evil candles!

aiyyyoooo sweettiiieeeeee said...

you should use the ramsay zee horror show theme music as a background for this pic..remember the one your sis refused to let us hummmm and sinngggg after dark? and we hummmm-ed and saaannnggg it just to scare the hell out of her!!

bbhimom=2986844573; FRQSTR=19080694x257014:1:1440|19080694|19080694|19080694|19080694 said...

Aaaah Ah.
Aaaah Ah.
Aa aa aa aa aa aa aaaah aaah...

It's a true story folks. My sister's scared of the Ramsays.