"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 05, 2006


A little while ago, I recieved a really nice complimentary email from someone named Akhila who thanked me for brightening up her wednesday. Thanks to the byker's recommendations, she'd landed up on this blog and was obviously finding the maid-molestation adventure quite tittery to read. Well Akhila, thanks for the compliment, but there's a story here to be told.

When I was a kid, dad used to keeep buying me all sorts of novelty brain puzzle type toys, if anything to make sure that I kept out of his way for a few days engrossed in either trying to crack a silly IQ test, or to finish a jigsaw puzzle, stuff like that. One of those was this transparent 3-d plastic maze that started off with a ball bearing in the middle of this 5 inch cube that had pathways, turns, whatever until the ball came out through this tiny hole at the side. Very nice, and for an adoloscent lke me, it meant for atleast a few hours of timepass (and this blogpost in the future, but I didn't know that yet, of course). So one night I'm lying back in bed, staring at this cube turning it this way and that, trying to get the damn thing out. There's a Def Leppard album playing in the background (the Euphoria tape, if you should know) and the clinking of steel against plastic is getting irritating since it's taking too long. I'm staring at the cube, losing concentration, when quite suddenly, the ball reaches the hole, pops out... and goes straight into my throat. I swallow.

Panic. I figured that's it, I'm gonna die, and will never get to find out what a clitoris is (seemed like a sufficiently challenging ambition in life at the time, and I didn't really want to go up to heaven before I had a chance to get to hell :) )

Not to worry, my dad said. It won't hurt you, and it'll probably come out in the john in a couple of days anyway.

The moral of the story? Well, it's simply this - The moment somebody says you have "potential" and there's surely some really interesting output that's going to come out of your efforts soon enough, you're going to spend the next five days staring at all the shit that comes out of you searching for it.


bands said...

Well something did come out of all that effort didn't it now. Who can contend that u have balls of steel now.

We-"J"-eth said...

were you drunk man ?
why didnt you swallow the box too ?
Would have saved H-Wing a whole lot of trouble !

kidding :P

Pi said...

I'm... the box... in the man?! [apologies, AIC]

FRQSTR=19109665x240161:1:1440|19109665|19109665|19109665|19109665; bbhimom=3900086649 said...

'Euphoria' doesn't fit in the timeline-was it 'Hysteria'?
Nyah, just nit-picking. Glad to have you back, bitch.

Pi said...

Damn, you're right. Is hysteria. Let's get rocked, all those.