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June 06, 2006

Johnny, Be Good!

I think my favourite thing about my own stories are that they're mainly pointless, funny mostly to myself, and involve alcohol at some point or the other. So anyway...

A litle over a year ago, we're having a blast during our LocoParty farewell, and the juniors figure that since there's hajar booze available, and since the seniors (that's us) are paying for it, they might as well chug away, yes?


Now Kajekar and myself are sitting in a corner of the hall staring at the MRPL lights, smalltalk, a pint, and the music we'd arranged when one of the juniors comes and collapses next to us. Pukes. Loses his shirt. Douses himself in beer. Talks about long lost loves. Tries to jump off the side. Fails then plonks down in the chair and starts er, soiling himself.

What do we do? Take pictures, of course :)

Man, I loved my college, if only for the constant occurence of such nonsense.


Yet again do you need one? said...

They still take his ass for it! We call him 'the bartender'

Ganja said...

LocoParty farewell? ahahhahahahahah.
Ok, I'll shut up.

Pi said...

:D hahahaha.

BangyParty - arch nemesis for LocoParty


Mukka said...

Er...does a Varun Bhat figure in some of (y)our alcohol stories?

creepo said...

positively soft-porn

Pi said...

The kind that turns you on, eh? Glad to see you appreciate SOMETHING about my blog, unintentional as it may have been.