"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 09, 2006

Episode 7

Lunch was good. Aftermath, not so much. Maybe dhaba leftovers should be classified as biowarfare.


Akhila said...

i love it.
i think you'll have to buy me a drink reallll soon.

aiiiyyyoooooo sweetieeeee said...

so let me see - you know me, my sis, YOUR sis, our bro-in-law, our parents, our relatives...the ones we dont see often...and the ones we DONT want to see often and you want MORE plots for a comic strip?? and you are asking OTHER people for ideas????? MAN! we are a walking talking best seller waiting to happen! i would like to end with a lovely and more importantly an inspirational song (GOOOOO SUUUUUUUNEEEEEEEEELLL) by an amazing(!!) woman. ill let you guess who that is - hint - the (!!) is a clue..one more - some have a billion dollar smile she has billion dollar legs (or so she thinks...inspirational at many levels you see! I was always good at choosing role models)
"there is a hero...if you look inside your heaarrrrtt..you dont have to be afraid of what you areeeee...are..are..rrrrrrrrrrrrr....."

Pi said...

That's right folks, my whole family is a nuthouse. And my sister's a gargantuan drama queen.

byker said...

now, now pi... gragantuan is a touch much, don't you think? i mean your sister's not that fat. i also notice sweetie hasn't mentioned the OBVIOUS potential offered by the inclusion of a pigmentally challenged individual to the gene pool.

byker said...


I mean doesn't "Sooooooo-weeeeeeeeee! Squeal like a pig, boy. Squeal for me." just release a veritable torrent of ideas, much like Dranex does to a clogged septic tank.

Pi said...

Aargh. Whiteboys. Douchebag alert.

Then again, there are some unfortunates who have have a friggin' b'day on the fourthajuly.

s.pi.da.man said...

pi, 'i think youll have to buy me a drink reaalll soon'
and i promise to drop my pants even before you take a sip..

god. women.

no offense, im just feeling all agressive. ill go have dinner. guess im just hungry. ill come back subdued; and at peace with all of the world.