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April 12, 2006


Terribly sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, just that I've been swamped by SO MANY comics, I'm getting an education in doubly-double quickest time (?).

I'm not sure how many of you will appreciate this though.

In Hitman: Ace of Killers, we meet a ragtag band of superheroes called "Section 8".

This is just one of them. His name's DogWelder. Why? Because...

I still haven't stopped laughing. I LOVE this kind of twisted humour, I'm sorry.


'cheese spread' said...

lol ....section 8 'the dog welder'
i wouldn have got it if not for you.
but it is funny.

Moo. said...


okay da.


the pirates are here said...

I have a strange feeling you'll like this guy too:

Pi said...

Arseface was a major character in the Preacher series, also by Ennis. Have read it, remember?

The pirates are here said...

Yeah. I forgot your close encounters with the Preacher already.

Amu. said...

cheap publicity
aka hey, you wanted to see em.

psst. i hate my scanner.
psst psst. im NOT going to touch anything up.

An unknown fan said...

dude been reading your blogs now since months...m a frustrated comics afficionado meself from ahmedabad...one q..where do ja source your comics from?

Pi said...

Easy. One- Bittorrent. Personally, I suggest zcult and demonoid. Make sure you follow the share ratios on that. Also, without fail, keep following the reviews on this choots blog. Despite my manga aversions, I heavily recommend you try reading all the fine stuff he reads. I found Kyle Baker only because of him.

And yeah, buy actual comics from stores. Nothing like having high-res inky glory comics in your hands.

Umm, Jakita Wagner

kiki said...

Lol I liked it ......
but I've never heard of these comics ,
you could enlighten me with some more of these .