"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

March 24, 2006

Who's ThatGuy?

"Yeah, I was talking to Pi the other day and..."
"Pi? Who's Pi?"
"Oh, he's ThatGuy I know..."

It's a tough job being ThatGuy.

ThatGuy's usually the kind of person you don't need around, but it's quite alright if he is anyway. ThatGuy's also the perpetual filler; though there's never a dull moment with ThatGuy, you secretly hope there was a better option. ThatGuy is also doomed to be single for life.

ThatGuy knows this. And it pisses him off thoroughly.

I met ThatGuy the other day as I passed the mirror. I looked at him and asked if all was ok. He looked back at me with the typical TG-nice-guy smile (that betrayed just a hint of sadness, or maybe indigestion) and said "You and me, we're cheeslings"


"Yeah, we're a decoratory tidbit on a gourmet smorgasbord. We're not interesting, we're not wanted OR needed; hell, we're tiny tasteless sqaures, operational word SQUARE. We're the only 'dish' that's never finished completely, and the half-empty bowl (or half-full, yet doesn't matter) gets chucked away at the end. Tea doesn't go with cheeslings. Juice, dosas, NOTHING goes with cheeslings. Dude, we're cheeslings."

See, that's the most depressing thing I've ever heard.

It's so depressing I'm ending this section right now.


I've decided finally NOT to get my own domain. It requires the equivalent of about 10 bottles of beer a month (B'lore prices), and frankly, I prefer the company of beer than the adulation of net-wankers, thank you very much. My "content driven personal portal" will have to wait. However, if anyone's interested in figuring out how to do it, I'm willing to help out. I have some accumulated research on hosting providers, domain registration, and will willingly share. (Yes Venu, even how to set up a temporary complete webserver stack on your own comp to test it).

So expect more nonsense right here! Woohoo! Major posting starts Monday, no shit!


Angie said...

Guys belonging to the ThatGuy genre might get noticed by a special subset of ThatGirls, you know!!
It's all good! :D ;)

Pi said...

Yes, and then we set ourselves up for the "Honey, you're nice, but let's just be friends" speech.

I. Hate. That. Speech.

Hi, Angie, nice to see you on my blog. Just don't get turned away by the giant 'L' on my forehead.

Venu said...

dude, I mean, dont be so eloquent about your desperation. It forces all your fellow-despos to face the reality.

I think despo-ness is your frequentest theme.

About the domain, heh, I decided I am doing well enough in blogspot. With your own non-free domain, I guess you'd be guilty if you didnt maintain it properly, and god knows I'm lazy enough.

And, machi, is there a way to get a good digicam in India (or have it shipped thru an online store)? I dont want to get it thru NRIs or anything.. Sony seems overpriced and underwhelming. Cant find any other decent pieces. Glad for any help.

'cheese dosa' said...

You are not,i repeat, you are NOT, not, NOT,not,Not Cheese-fucking-lings.

(nodding head in the i-dont-approve-way)


random arbid cheesling person said...

hey - been reading your blog for a bit and just wanted to say that you've really got something going here.

As for the cheesling subculture - we gotta do something about this world wide conspiracy against ThatPeople. Or atleast take pride in our disability (:D - black is beautiful and all that).

heres to the revolution!

amu. yeah, ThatOne. said...

i could reach out and slap you. cheeselings it seems.
people treat you the way you wanted to be treated,
the way you let them treat you.

be glad you're not "brother-ed" easily.
hoo boy. all the decent males in my life have a tendency to consider me The Tiny Sister.

ThatPeople is a far better title than Tot.

single for life is my board dude. its neon. ask chai for more on SFL boards and glowsigns.

(refer to above) said...

lol. i reread my comment.

i'm your walking irony.

The pirates are here said...

So essentially, you're saying you're insignificant, boring, unwanted, uncared for, you can't get along with anyone, have a split personality and a severe depression problem.

Congratulations. I haven't seen a more accurate self-analysis.

You have every reason to turn to crime now (if you haven't made the turn already).

Pi said...

I never know I'd do this individual comment replying thing, but here goes...

Venu, pffbt. Desponess is not my most frequent theme.
And even it is, pffbt again!
Contact Jeevan. He;s made hajar recent research recently about digicams, and has landed up with a neat Nikon model. I'm sure he has the goods on it, despit his anti-Sony feelings (which I love, but WhatTheHey)

Cheese Spread
, you're such a groovy person. You're awesome. You look great, and smell like fresh spring flowers. When you walk by, autodriver-hearts go a flurry.
However, dumbass, you know jackshit about cheeslings. And I, madam, am cheeslings.

RAndomArbidCheeslingPerson. You're a spy. I know it. You're not part of the cheesling clan at all. How do I know this? Because you said black. We ain't black. We're a mighty yellow, wimps to a gigantic magnitude, and walk like we have something stuck up our ass.
Also, we never use the words "Random" and "Arbit" (not arbiD) in the same sentence. That's like saying Pussy Cat. Which can mean something TOTALLY different too, but that's another blogpost altogether.

hi. Funny. NOW will you buy me a sympathy-beer? :D



Amu. StillThatOne said...

bitchkat! YOU owed me one! Since forever!

apart, you also owe me a nice long talk,
and patience while i plonk at bookworm (yes. again. this time don't call my moniker outloud. i won't respond)

see? you're way cooler than cheesling already.

Spai said...

cheeslings...ooh yummmm

kiki said...

Cheeslings it seems !
You have no idea howsmart you are .Well let me try again your a good gyu you didn't a non single status to tell you that .
Your the sorta person who anyone would like being with .
Btw good tactic to get some sympathy .
Cheesling it seems! you know they are not just for decorative value they also add to the taste and look of a thing .

random arbiTTT yeah whatever said...


Shame on you for being mean.

And here I was, beginning to do PR for this godforsaken male-bridget-jones deal you got going here. Shall not darken your (virtual) doorstep henceforth.

P.S. - (you ain't no cheesling - this whole thing is probably some attempt at sarcasm anyway. WE are NICE.)