"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

March 20, 2006


"It's on Sarjapur Road" Right. Which is about a gazillion miles long.

"It's right on the roadside" Uh huh. It's not.

"There's a sign which says Alps Estates" Again, wrong. No sign. Pretentious fucks, these builders.

"They're two BIG buildings" Bzzzt! Three, actually.

"They're the only red buildings in the area". Ladies and gentlemen, OMG, like, white is the new red!

"The apartment number is B-1" WRONG. It was actually 1-1B.

"I've been there before, so I know it" Sister, eat my shorts.

Three trips I've made, 2 in the night, and one in the day. Just yesterday, walked a total of 8 kms (3 hours), auto-ed another 24 (one-way), got a serious case of dusty underwear and macadam lungs, couldn't smoke kings, [complain][complain][complain]. Just when I thought I was having the most fabulous weekend, this shit has to happen to me.

How do I fix this?

Call up the women, reach TGIF, and chilllll.

I love my friends. :)

And yeah, solemn oath to never take directions from a woman again.

PS- Lounge Piranha rocked at Palace grounds.


SPai said...

Ur shorts?? UGGHHH!!!

Aastha said...

nice blog!
TGIF definitely was fun!

Pi said...

Aastha, you were so full on at TGIF. Good to see you here. Do make another trip to Blore soon.

Pi said...


Aastha said...

i will try definitely!u weren't any less by the way...keep in touch

The pirates are here said...

Please change that to "never take directions from my blood sister again."

A lot of women, including me, give better directions than men can.

The pirates are here said...

I remember you telling me once that your sister is in the US. Hey, but it must be very tough giving directions to Indian roads from there.

Pi said...

Women suck at giving directions. So do you, Pirates.

As for the sister, she sucks too.

[grumble] Wasted a good sunday morning for 10 bags of iced tea.

Spai said...

to the pirates are here - Bitch! :)) (but u know i love u)

The pirates are here said...

Ask me for directions sometime, Pi. Will make you pay for what you'll eventually discover is one of the stupidest comments you've ever made. Even if you never ask me for directions.

On a different, and thoroughly perplexed, note. Why does Spai love me? And why the fuck am I supposed to know it? (yeah, what I do know is that I'm sorta washing dirty linen on your site and all, but, confound it, I'm just not able to figure this one out.)

Spai said...

Pirats- why do u play around the bush so much! No more anti-aging creames for you! :P

The pirates are here said...

Pi, why is your blood sister sexually harassing me?

Spai said...

I want power from the cousin, who ruined my childhood my by not talking to me, I am taking revenge!..hehehahhah(evil laugh)