"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

March 02, 2006

Pi ver 0.1

Haha, I'm an actual "beta" version here.

Get it?

[cracks up laughing]

["Beta" is hindi for 'son', remember? No? Ah, fuhgeddaboudit.]


law said...

soooo sweet! love the expression.

the pirates are here said...

who are you trying to impress?
should i bring in more pics?

Ganja said...

Will you to stoop to any level to get laid?

[yes boss. I know. Rhetorical question!]

The pirates are here said...

Ganja, whoever you are, thank you for asking the question that I originally intended to ask (I eventually decided to be polite instead, for reasons not known to me.)

Spai said...

Why do i feel as if I know "the pirates are here"... hmmmmm

All or Nothing said...

suggestion pie: don't spoil your jokes by explaining them. even i had cracked up before i got to the brackets

The pirates are here said...

I don't know you
Never did
What language are you anyways?

Mukka said...

Dude, that was the biggest non-joke I've heard in some time.

Rajat said...

Hilarious! The pic, I mean. Not the joke. ;-).

Spai said...

ok -pirates are here.

One thing I would like to note for this pic is that... evil was lurking around when this pic was taken.. I think his 2nd b'day.. evil being ME... muahahahhah!!! thats why the confused look

Finch said...


why you li'l bastard!

(joke's on you, pi)

two can crack bad jokes.

Pi said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[waves to audience like a pretentious prick]

Spai said...

to pirates are here... my language is gosale ghashi... LOL

kiki said...

awwwww choo sweet
give us more

Finch said...

hey prick boy,
been noticing for a while now:

why the eff is your moniker hyperlinked?

publicity new level aa? or you lose your way so easy?
*runs for cover*