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March 14, 2006


Sorry I've not been posting recently, and I figure it's been months since I actually typed out an actual post. Don't expect too much either in the future. All gung-ho about the new site. Question now is if I can beat Raj_Up to it :D


Rajat said...

You probably will :-)

Pi said...

Don't bet on it. Like an idiot, I decided (like you) to set up LAMP on the home system, but have totally messed up the php settings (unlike you). Pissed off.

Finch said...

you know exactly what i'll say:

(!@&Y$#* retainers)

Pi said...

Sufferin' Suckatash, Finch. Get a bib.

Venu said...

Why did both of you set up "LAMP" (nice one, Pi, thanks for letting know) in your home systems? You would just have to upload your files to your host right? Or are you going for colocation?

Jeez, do it fast man, so I can learn from your mistakes. ;-)

Pi said...

I'm not willing to pay for wasted bandwidth man. I want to mess around with code, all that, crash my comp a couple of times before I'm sure it'll be solid. Full on geek, unfortunately only without the knowhow. Diasastrous.
Besides, I want it to be a full content site, not just a blog ...though I'm sure it'll end up that way anyway.

Ah whatever.