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February 07, 2006

TuesdayMorningSpam - FlyFlyBad

Have you ever read spam that reaches your mailbox? I did, just a while ago. It's strange. Here are 3 select pieces, verbatim (I removed the subject titles because, uh, they're not fit for public consumption.
being end reference letters.
fly force promised black very he, why promised he out steps miserable, reply here thus motor?
sandwich sugar back. appearance promised my whom window taught. purpose speaking prison latter speaking young.
fly fly bad,
fly arms prison corner? studied again beautiful.

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convair honeymoon manifest agglutinin.
scorch geigy pushpin. pitney astarte armageddon, subtlety leeuwenhoek bator flatus.

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purpose tying motor allow back, music mentioned arms.
here disappoint young force companion news, mentioned motor somewhere he companion? human disappoint development appearance.
being different here. window here love embarrass edge. pride studied wrong added,
we allow embarrass explain. make commit few goes profession immediate.

Put a couple of powerchords, a bleeding solo, and I think we got us a HeavyMetal winner here, eh?

1 Comment:

Finch said...

and i thought i wrote incoherently.

be glad you don't receive other kinds of spam.
my poor mother receives things like "enhance your ejaculation."