"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

February 22, 2006


I'm having issues with the commenting system, and have discovered some more bugs with the template in general. Please have patience. I'll iron all of thes out by the end of the week, promise. Your comments should get published if you let it go on for a bit. I'm thinking of going back to the normal commenting method that Blogger gives, the heartache that my javascript version is giving is too much to handle.

So yeah, thanks for co-operating.

PS - Have reached 50 hours without sleeping. Everything's vague. I feel like Mrs. Goldfarb.


Venu said...

Hey Pi,

Why are you overdoing the runningWordsTogetherThing? Have you been coding in Java a lot lately?

And your head(er)'s gone.

Venu said...

Its back. Dont worry about it.

Pi said...

Uh, Ok.

And I was tryimg to standardize my blog naming. It's not good, no? Oh well.

Venu said...

I ought to have put a smiley there. Internet communication is so damn prone to misunderstandings. I think its fine, you just stop noticing it when its done a bit too much.

Have you completed the Daniel Pearl book btw? I am reading The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth. At some places its so awesomely written that you just stop thinking for the sheer joy that there can be such talent.

Pi said...

Nyah, the Pearl book's with Azhar now, and I'll only be getting it back from him on the weekend.

And yeah, Seth :) I actually wanted to pick up the new Upamanyu Chatterjee book in Calcutta this time, but found absolutely no time to.

All or Nothing said...

don't lie abt the 50 hours. you took a 5 minute nap

Pi said...

Did not. The nap came at about 54 hours. And THAT ended it.