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February 20, 2006

MoreBlah (Fuchas, I'm back!!!)

I washed shoes :D
I'd always wanted a pet named Jim.

Jim. "Here, Jimmy boy"... a nice ring to it, don'tcha think? Jimmy, Jim-bo, Jim.

Turns out Jimmy wanted me too. And not in a nice way.

Daddy, I'm scared.

"If i'm not here, wait for me"
For the last 3 weeks (has it really been that long? Fuck.) I've lived without-

  • Broadband. For that matter, any internet connection that's stable for more than 3 minutes.
  • My phone (and that woe continues. I left my phone back in Chittaranjan. Dammit.)
  • TV (not missed so much, except I was really beginning to understand why SpongeBobSquarePants is so cool)
  • My friends. Buds. The guys. The chicas.
  • Even the office bitch.
  • Access to a whole lot of new comics and music. Muk, have pity :(
  • Alcohol. Except for that one quart in the middle which I had to chase alone, zilcho.
  • GoldFlakeKings. Babe, How Hu-Need-Yoo.
  • Missed JethroTull AND UriahHeep.
  • Hot water.
  • PEOPLE to talk to.
  • Good food. Preppy food. Non veg food(!). Pretentious late night snacks. Foooood.
  • Beer (and that, people, is different from alcohol) Oh, how I missed my golden brew.
  • Family. Actually missed a major development in the family that I have to come to speed with VERY soon.

Let me feel the love, people.

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Expect a new template update in the next few days. As also a LOT of new photos.


Kini said...

Aargho Blaargho. Fuck you too.

Pi said...

Hey Patthal Pathrado, you be careful, eh?

the pirates are here said...


Pi said...

They don't smell that bad, ma'am. Then again, you're the one who calls herself a pirate.
Po-tay-to, Po-taa-to.

the pirates are here said...

Mate, if a pirate don't smell, with what are we supposed to kill?

Then again, those shoes aren't a bad idea.

Pi said...

Shoulder Parrots. Those are birds that can't fly, but flu anyway.

Parrot soup. Yummy.

Finch said...

ey, bad job of washing da.
it's still fekking brown!

(ducks brown-er of the shoes)

i'm still burping from sunday adventure.
stupid cig. stupid, stupid cig.
next time, i'll stick to chai-sutta.
sutta for non-sutta-er, plus beeyur...

b-ad. ba-d.


bless you. you're back home.
see? someone gave you some love!

Pi said...

It was a phot taken halfway through, genius. The one on the left is washed, the one on the right is not.
Sheesh, women.

And it's Beer. No blasphemy.

All or Nothing said...

er...no comments

Pi said...

Haha. If you say so, AON.

My, I'm being a little harsh on Finch, aren't I?

Finch said...

*big boo boo eyes*
sure. beat finchie.
finchie the one who bothered to mention love in comment.


and don't "sheesh women" me!

and i never blasphemized beer.
beeyur is still beeyur.
just horrible after sutta.