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February 24, 2006

Man, those chinese sure have a warped sense of how the world works

Quite simply, it's a BBC news review of how China's banning cartoons that blend live-action actors with animation. Truly bizarre. These include teletubbies, and I'm guessing shows like Blue's Clues. Really, I don't think I can describe it better than the article does.

Here's the link.

PS:I'm wondering two things -

1. You think there's a room with a bunch of Chinese beureaucrats sitting round a table thinking "Ok, whom do we piss off today?"

2. I think I now see why Guns n' Roses new album is being delayed for so long. It's called "Chinese democracy", for gods sake. Pipe dreams.


Venu said...

Check this

Then check this

Pi said...

Brilliant comparison. I've been following this argument on Boing boing, but this comparison says a lot now, don't it? Nice job, Venu. Kudos, all that.

Venu said...

Actually I found this sometime back on some blog; I cant remember which now.

I dont read boing boing much; its far too eclectic and high-volume for me.

The pirates are here said...

In another brilliant humanitarian stroke, the Chinese Government has banned Brokeback mountain, a few days after Ang Lee (who incidentally, hails from 'friendly' neighbour Taiwan) told the world that Asia is more open-minded than the rest of the world about back-door-entry phenomena.

I bet they (the Chinese Government, of course) are still laughing.

Pi said...

Lol. I'm sure they are.