"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

February 09, 2006


One life. One lives. Death arrives. One dies.

Lucy Donna Tormoné wished things were different. That the inevitable wouldn't happen.


Or that the inevitable would be something other than she expected.


In the eye of her mind, she saw a picture she knew couldn't be true. Slowly she realized it was an image she only wished wasn't true. This subtle difference only let her understand the choice she'd made, and in a very cosmic sense knew it was also a memory that she'd had no absolute control over, even less over the events that followed.

"Lucy... what've you done?"


Finch said...

she took control of the inevitable.

so, technically, she cheated the inevitable.

very clever.

Lucid-et said...

i did'nt get it?
Or is it just that its early in the morning with no sleep behind me or am i really slow?

The truth is out.Its inevitable.
Im slow.


I've a new phone.
It needs to see you.


ok,thats lame.

Ah,well,vidyarthi bahavan awaits.
I dono.

I'll go have chai and i'll be awake..and please delete my comment.
its jus tthe only means of contact with you.

Lucid-et said...

And,i just realised i sound pathetic..

Pi said...

You don't. I have an old 3310 that needs to see you too. In fact, I think it's conspiring to choke me while I sleep, just because I'm not back in Blore.

Lucid-et said...

I've been watching television.
Yes,I've been watching television.

Something bad is going to happen?

Maybe not.
I'm wearing my tom and jerry tee shirt.

Pi said...


What a chica.