"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

February 22, 2006

LateLastNight on YahooChat...

AON: whoa!

SNT: um, down horsie?

AON: eh??

SNT: you said whoa.

SNT: [sinks deeper into embarrassment]

AON: get up u

SNT: ok. now what?

SNT: [cringe]

AON: honestly...

AON: i thot no one cud be worse than i am

SNT: my my, you're lucky today.

AON: so u have to go for work tomorrow or something?

SNT: yeah. planning on doing a night out again today. this insomnia is giving a weird high. want to explore it further. but yes, off to office again tomorrow.

SNT: Unless you have a better idea?

SNT: [Egad. Did I just say that?]

SNT: [delete delete delete]

SNT: [Houston, we're fucked]

AON: *laugh laugh laugh*

SNT: [nonchalant denial mode]

AON: i can do just one night out

AON: then i sleep in class the next day

SNT: uh, so what's up? What's a woman like you doing in a window like this?

SNT: [somebody kill me; kill me now!]

AON: relax

SNT: oh yeah. sure. right.

SNT: please talk. I'm just going to pretend a lot didn't happen right now.

AON: the first step wud be not to make it obvious

SNT: make what obvious? [co-operate. say 'nothing' or 'moving on']

AON: so what kind of things did u do to win Mr. Saarang?

SNT: Oh god, relive another nightmare right there.

AON: good good

  • If I didn't like women so much, I swear I'd kill them all myself.
  • In case you have no idea what Mr. Saarang is, read my accounts here and here (for lack of anything better, actually. There's even a Wiki here.)
  • Insomnia is now at 38 and a half hours and counting. Feeling buzzily-high. The challenge is 96. We shall see.


Finch said...


AoN doesn't have a massive habit of shoving her foot down her oesophagus.
not as massive as mine.

god bless them all.

All or Nothing said...

i shall save him from further embarrassment by not commenting

Pi said...

You just did.

All or Nothing said...

did i now??

Pi said...

Three word comments?

Finch said...


okay, dont dwell already!