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February 06, 2006


Fuck. I love the wonder years. No, let's get this absolutely clear. I LOVE THE WONDER YEARS. You want proof? How's this- The cost of one dvd is about 50 bucks. The full series of The Wonder Years fits on 2 dvds. So, a hundred bucks, give or take. Thus, if you buy me ONE mug of beer, which is about 50 bucks, I promise to give you the 2 dvd set of the wonder years, written on dvd, all in avi format, in person. The catch is you have to give me the minimum of one hour of your company in Mojo's along with that one mug of beer. Also, I require a 200 word (minimum) writeup on one of your favourite childhood memories, or anything related. (Ganja’s last post is a brilliant example of something out of the ordinary). Here’s my submission.

Deal? I promise you it's worth it. Really. Have I ever lied to you? As a bonus, I'll even throw in the OST of the series. And I don't just mean the Joe Cocker version of the Beatles classic. I mean all the background groovy guitar instrumentals that play in, well, the background. Promise.

Ok, sweeten the pot some more. The best 3 writeups ALSO get one dvd filled with material from my hard drive, as you choose.

Last date? Feb 28th. If you want to (read: please do), you can tell other people about this too. Whoever. I’m still game to pay. Either you put up a post on your blog and send me the link, or you write me an email, which I'll gladly put up here.

Yeah, that’s how much I love The Wonder Years.


Kumari said...

Sounds good.. but material from your hard drive?? How about something pretty instead?

Pi said...

Uh, sure. Whatever. Something pretty. Like a Paneer tikka?
Deal with it, Kumari. We pseudo-macho-types don't do "PRETTY".

Kumari said...

Did someone say overreact?

Finch said...

is there wolverine?
wonder years i can filch from good ol' national market.

wolverine origins.
i want. i want. i want.

*big boo boo eyes*

Pi said...

I have wolverine. Origin. And hajaar other comics. All you have to do... is write.

K said...

And here's minie.