"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

February 22, 2006


  • The first one's from Inci 2k5. I managed to jug permission to take photos from on stage, so had fabulous angles to a lot of shit, while also chugging raw whisky in the corner behind the covering boards.
  • The second is the first page of the Vitruvian (Theme:Graffiti) for which I was Cheif Editor. Thanks to the amount of work I put into that, acads suffered and I still have issues with the college that're going to plague me for a really long time.
  • The third is the name I've lived with for four, nay, twenty two years.
  • The fourth is the liquid steel sparks in CLW. I still bear the burn on my right index finger to show for it.
  • Fifth, the steel foundry snap. Spent two days wading through sand, steel and porcine government officials until I managed to get it right.(Ok, didn;t really "wade" through them, but a general shoving away was definitely involved.)
  • Sixth, one of my personal favourites, is the mic/lamp turned backwards when I managed to get a life in a minister's car... and then managed to steal two of his cigarettes. Classic Regular.
  • Seventh, Inci2k5 again, at about 2 in the morning. That's Vijeth's hand, btw. The red smoke is real, it became so because the red-eye reduction laser messed with it. And that shiny white part is the moon. Really.
  • Eighth, the MAHE Admin building. What can I say, it's home. I still miss it lots.
  • Ninth, the Raman block basketball court in Manipal, which is officially the only place I've ever played a sport seriously. After the kidney stone operation, I've never done anything physical (ahem) again. Also, see reason for picture eight.
  • Tenth, my best trip to Goa. Really, I'm guessing that's self explanatory.
  • Eleventh, the fire at Rajib's place when we went for the New Year's Quiz a couple of months ago. DrankDrankDrank. And that's a bloody good reason in itself.
  • Finally, Twelfth, the stereo system I won at Saarang 2k5. And plugging it in at 6:30 in the morning after trudging with it all the way from the bus stop upto HWing, discovering Sheila Chandra right as sunrise hit my room and thinking about the Princess...

...Now Finch, how is this not personal-er from my previous headers?!

Of course, you just didn't know the stories attached to them. A pity.


Pi said...

"Blow by Blow Header"... Hehe, I can be so unintentionally punny sometimes :D

Citrus said...

Now that you mention it. Pig. :-D

Finch said...


*looks guilty*