"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

February 28, 2006


"Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". Ubuntu also means "I am what I am because of who we all are". The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world. (ubuntu.com)

Kubuntu is an official derivation of the Ubuntu desktop operating system providing KDE support. It is part of the Ubuntu project and uses the underlying system provided by Ubuntu. However, instead of installing the default desktop package, it installs a KDE equivalent desktop (called kubuntu-desktop). (http://www.answers.com/Kubuntu)

I'm installing Kubuntu tonight. Wish me luck.

February 27, 2006


The good
Good company

The bad
Doodie attack

The ugly
Monday. [puke]

February 24, 2006

Man, those chinese sure have a warped sense of how the world works

Quite simply, it's a BBC news review of how China's banning cartoons that blend live-action actors with animation. Truly bizarre. These include teletubbies, and I'm guessing shows like Blue's Clues. Really, I don't think I can describe it better than the article does.

Here's the link.

PS:I'm wondering two things -

1. You think there's a room with a bunch of Chinese beureaucrats sitting round a table thinking "Ok, whom do we piss off today?"

2. I think I now see why Guns n' Roses new album is being delayed for so long. It's called "Chinese democracy", for gods sake. Pipe dreams.


My absolute new favourite - www.pandora.com. Simple concept, but with amazing results. You start off by suggesting one song that you like, and what pandora does is find music that sounds similar/ same-type qualities. Read more about their fundae here.

This seems to be moderated gratis (since they don't play direct requests), but definitely libre. I love it, and I'm sure you guys will too (Citrus, are you listening?) Make sure you have a decent net connection.

Why'd they name it Pandora?

February 23, 2006


It's such a brilliant idea, I'm wondering why I didn't give it more serious thought before.

The phone bill just came in and there's a whopping three digit number that's just calls I've made to a certain goat. Man, how the uncle's pissed.

It's called Google TALK, for crying out loud. Why haven't I been talking into it more often? And it works out to be more or less free, all I have to do is pause my torrents when it's happening.

Now all I need is a microphone. Let's see.

Magritte Redux

This is also not a pipe.

February 22, 2006

Yeah, we be cruisin'

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Travel (My Retirement Plan)

Claim: Some people have eschewed retirement homes in favor of living on cruise ships.
Status: True.

Stuff like this makes me happy :) (via kottke)


I'm having issues with the commenting system, and have discovered some more bugs with the template in general. Please have patience. I'll iron all of thes out by the end of the week, promise. Your comments should get published if you let it go on for a bit. I'm thinking of going back to the normal commenting method that Blogger gives, the heartache that my javascript version is giving is too much to handle.

So yeah, thanks for co-operating.

PS - Have reached 50 hours without sleeping. Everything's vague. I feel like Mrs. Goldfarb.


  • The first one's from Inci 2k5. I managed to jug permission to take photos from on stage, so had fabulous angles to a lot of shit, while also chugging raw whisky in the corner behind the covering boards.
  • The second is the first page of the Vitruvian (Theme:Graffiti) for which I was Cheif Editor. Thanks to the amount of work I put into that, acads suffered and I still have issues with the college that're going to plague me for a really long time.
  • The third is the name I've lived with for four, nay, twenty two years.
  • The fourth is the liquid steel sparks in CLW. I still bear the burn on my right index finger to show for it.
  • Fifth, the steel foundry snap. Spent two days wading through sand, steel and porcine government officials until I managed to get it right.(Ok, didn;t really "wade" through them, but a general shoving away was definitely involved.)
  • Sixth, one of my personal favourites, is the mic/lamp turned backwards when I managed to get a life in a minister's car... and then managed to steal two of his cigarettes. Classic Regular.
  • Seventh, Inci2k5 again, at about 2 in the morning. That's Vijeth's hand, btw. The red smoke is real, it became so because the red-eye reduction laser messed with it. And that shiny white part is the moon. Really.
  • Eighth, the MAHE Admin building. What can I say, it's home. I still miss it lots.
  • Ninth, the Raman block basketball court in Manipal, which is officially the only place I've ever played a sport seriously. After the kidney stone operation, I've never done anything physical (ahem) again. Also, see reason for picture eight.
  • Tenth, my best trip to Goa. Really, I'm guessing that's self explanatory.
  • Eleventh, the fire at Rajib's place when we went for the New Year's Quiz a couple of months ago. DrankDrankDrank. And that's a bloody good reason in itself.
  • Finally, Twelfth, the stereo system I won at Saarang 2k5. And plugging it in at 6:30 in the morning after trudging with it all the way from the bus stop upto HWing, discovering Sheila Chandra right as sunrise hit my room and thinking about the Princess...

...Now Finch, how is this not personal-er from my previous headers?!

Of course, you just didn't know the stories attached to them. A pity.

LateLastNight on YahooChat...

AON: whoa!

SNT: um, down horsie?

AON: eh??

SNT: you said whoa.

SNT: [sinks deeper into embarrassment]

AON: get up u

SNT: ok. now what?

SNT: [cringe]

AON: honestly...

AON: i thot no one cud be worse than i am

SNT: my my, you're lucky today.

AON: so u have to go for work tomorrow or something?

SNT: yeah. planning on doing a night out again today. this insomnia is giving a weird high. want to explore it further. but yes, off to office again tomorrow.

SNT: Unless you have a better idea?

SNT: [Egad. Did I just say that?]

SNT: [delete delete delete]

SNT: [Houston, we're fucked]

AON: *laugh laugh laugh*

SNT: [nonchalant denial mode]

AON: i can do just one night out

AON: then i sleep in class the next day

SNT: uh, so what's up? What's a woman like you doing in a window like this?

SNT: [somebody kill me; kill me now!]

AON: relax

SNT: oh yeah. sure. right.

SNT: please talk. I'm just going to pretend a lot didn't happen right now.

AON: the first step wud be not to make it obvious

SNT: make what obvious? [co-operate. say 'nothing' or 'moving on']

AON: so what kind of things did u do to win Mr. Saarang?

SNT: Oh god, relive another nightmare right there.

AON: good good

  • If I didn't like women so much, I swear I'd kill them all myself.
  • In case you have no idea what Mr. Saarang is, read my accounts here and here (for lack of anything better, actually. There's even a Wiki here.)
  • Insomnia is now at 38 and a half hours and counting. Feeling buzzily-high. The challenge is 96. We shall see.

February 21, 2006

Don't hate me for this...

After reading half of Bernard Henri Levy's "Who killed Daniel Pearl?", I have only one thing to say about the cartoons issue, and since P_ asked, I'm putting it here.

Islam is one of the most misunderstood religions in the world. And the people who misunderstand it the most are the Muslims.

And now I shut up.

FlyFlyBad2 - ZenAndTheArtOfUnneededAnalysis

Found more spam last night. First, verbatim-
evening pretty find.
wife suddenly sandwich letters? few allow sandwich beautiful. happened prison not principle latter.
anything filled added yours use. yours appearance black here thus drew? news filled shining taught companion?
anybody night evening development thus. off a make filled. a studied promised am make.
mentioned light shining or. is slow prison. across letters letters edge news.


Now here's my question. Doesn't this piece actually look like it makes a *little* sense?
Consider my interpretation -

evening pretty find.
I found the evening arrive like the beautiful scent of a woman in heat.

wife suddenly sandwich letters? few allow sandwich beautiful.
The analogy angered my better half, and she promised to have words with me at supper. I should have known better than to anger a woman so, they who hath no fury then.

happened prison not principle latter.
Thus I must bear the punishment of moral shame, bear it across my chest like the chains that plague the guilty.

anything filled added yours use. yours appearance black here thus drew? news filled shining taught companion? Aaaah...
Yin clashes with Yang. Coffee likes milk. We shall thus learn our lessons in tiny, nonsensical sayings and nod our heads like we understand. Aaaah...

anybody night evening development thus. off a make filled. a studied promised am make.
mentioned light shining or.
Ek chaturnar. Bade hoshiyar. (Really, I gave up on that one.)

is slow prison. across letters letters edge news.
Thanks for waching the Joey Show. You're now free to poke yourself in the eye.


In other updates, finally got the scanner to work in the house. Expect some new stuff to be... disturbing.

Another (yawn) header

I'm overdoing the header update frequency now, I know.

February 20, 2006


New photos put up. Some are nice, some aren't. You decide.

MoreBlah (Fuchas, I'm back!!!)

I washed shoes :D
I'd always wanted a pet named Jim.

Jim. "Here, Jimmy boy"... a nice ring to it, don'tcha think? Jimmy, Jim-bo, Jim.

Turns out Jimmy wanted me too. And not in a nice way.

Daddy, I'm scared.

"If i'm not here, wait for me"
For the last 3 weeks (has it really been that long? Fuck.) I've lived without-

  • Broadband. For that matter, any internet connection that's stable for more than 3 minutes.
  • My phone (and that woe continues. I left my phone back in Chittaranjan. Dammit.)
  • TV (not missed so much, except I was really beginning to understand why SpongeBobSquarePants is so cool)
  • My friends. Buds. The guys. The chicas.
  • Even the office bitch.
  • Access to a whole lot of new comics and music. Muk, have pity :(
  • Alcohol. Except for that one quart in the middle which I had to chase alone, zilcho.
  • GoldFlakeKings. Babe, How Hu-Need-Yoo.
  • Missed JethroTull AND UriahHeep.
  • Hot water.
  • PEOPLE to talk to.
  • Good food. Preppy food. Non veg food(!). Pretentious late night snacks. Foooood.
  • Beer (and that, people, is different from alcohol) Oh, how I missed my golden brew.
  • Family. Actually missed a major development in the family that I have to come to speed with VERY soon.

Let me feel the love, people.

Hot picks

Expect a new template update in the next few days. As also a LOT of new photos.

February 16, 2006


The Mojo's theme pic.

(That laptop be Layla, btw.)

Steel gone wild

Another pic I really liked from this trip. They're pouring molten steel into giant boxes, if you didn't get it. For a second, they missed the funnel, and all the steel splattered everywhere; thankfully, I had the camera up and ready for such a moment. Nice, no?

What Superman must feel like

Will put up high-res versions of these later. This photo is one of my favourite photos from this trip. No photoshop involved (except for a general touchup)

February 13, 2006

Malini Sharma

Ladies and Germs, I present to you the yummiest woman in the world. After the most stunning performance I've ever seen by an Indian actress in the movie Raaz (2001), she quit Bollywood and is now where, GodOnlyKnows.

But wow, she's yummy.

February 10, 2006


Last year, while cleaning out the house, I came upon this. Now, I'd thought of removing the personal details; on second thought, maybe it makes more sense remaining there.

February 09, 2006


(Credits come and go)

A tear on a cheek
The sound of feet shuffling behind a closed door. muffled voices.
A gun is placed on a table. Solitary lamp over table illuminates whole room.
Show the wall. A car passes by, throwing weird patterns of the window grating on it. Slowly turn camera until it shows the left half of MAN's face.

MAN: You've got to be kidding me. Is this fear you're showing me? I don't believe you know what that word means anymore. Care to explain yourself?

(silent pause)

The door of the room from outside. Slowly zoom out. Muffled voices puncture what's otherwise a perfectly silent night.
Then, two gun shots. The sound of something heavy hits the floor. Keep zooming out until...


Put a man up in a tree. Throw stones at the man. Bring him down. Remember?


One life. One lives. Death arrives. One dies.

Lucy Donna Tormoné wished things were different. That the inevitable wouldn't happen.


Or that the inevitable would be something other than she expected.


In the eye of her mind, she saw a picture she knew couldn't be true. Slowly she realized it was an image she only wished wasn't true. This subtle difference only let her understand the choice she'd made, and in a very cosmic sense knew it was also a memory that she'd had no absolute control over, even less over the events that followed.

"Lucy... what've you done?"

February 07, 2006

DavidBlaine, EatMyShorts!

No Photoshop involved. Really.

TuesdayMorningSpam - FlyFlyBad

Have you ever read spam that reaches your mailbox? I did, just a while ago. It's strange. Here are 3 select pieces, verbatim (I removed the subject titles because, uh, they're not fit for public consumption.
being end reference letters.
fly force promised black very he, why promised he out steps miserable, reply here thus motor?
sandwich sugar back. appearance promised my whom window taught. purpose speaking prison latter speaking young.
fly fly bad,
fly arms prison corner? studied again beautiful.

ironwood protozoan cambodia awry enthusiast alike.
diabase debit esmark ballard euphorbia? icarus continent cladophora. astm sarasota adolescent boston blindfold ibis.
fortify o'shea cryptanalyze bronchial technology? papaw sniff venal. blond roseland fudge daybreak?
convair honeymoon manifest agglutinin.
scorch geigy pushpin. pitney astarte armageddon, subtlety leeuwenhoek bator flatus.

end motor miserable letters letters embarrass. immediate reference out young sandwich. the next you.
purpose tying motor allow back, music mentioned arms.
here disappoint young force companion news, mentioned motor somewhere he companion? human disappoint development appearance.
being different here. window here love embarrass edge. pride studied wrong added,
we allow embarrass explain. make commit few goes profession immediate.

Put a couple of powerchords, a bleeding solo, and I think we got us a HeavyMetal winner here, eh?

February 06, 2006


Dear God,

You've killed my friends for no apparent reason.

You've watched without reaction while millions across the world squandered their lives away to meaningless pursuits of answers that you've refused to provide. Who are are we? Where are we from? Where are we going? By letting us stew in our own misrepresentations of this philosophical bullshit, you've neglected to see that we now pursue the golden cow that provides a temporary relief for unreasonably large amounts of insanity.

You refuse to answer the only tool of permanent satisfaction that you yourself provided, that of prayer. I don't mean stuff like a new car, or safety from nonexistant terrorists, I mean simple pleasures like peace of mind, a satisfied stomach and a body that can bear the next 24 hours that preced every previous 24.

You let Princess Diana die.

It shames me to say that you're the biggest embarrassment that mankind will have to endure for the rest of humanity. You refuse to even prove your own existence. The benevolent VS malevolent argument can go on for a while, we don't care, but can you understand how many troubled souls will be pacified just to know that you haven't abandoned us? All we live by now is random lore of the past that with every passing day only seem like the ramblings of a demented mind that too many people took seriously in a time when the presence of a higher authority was felt needed.

That time is still felt. And you're not living up to the promise.

I know the words, but I can't really speak them to you. I feel pity when I see millions of people still hampering on a tiny flicker of hope that burns perilously close to being put out. The same goes for belief in a future where 'everything will be alright'.

Explain to me why I should be giving a fuck.

In anticipation of an answer,


"If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth. "
—J. D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (1951)

No. 16 on the list of "100 best first lines from novels". A lovely list.


Last night, got really pissed off and supremely bored at the same time, so auto-ed myself to a booj-shop somewhere outside Chittaranjan and ferry-ed back a quart of Romanov. Got drunk, and in that haze, wrote this-

Let my world be filled with the light of a million hues. And let that light be flowing through every stream of valid consciousness this fragile body has to offer; this, while I offer my body to you, oh eternal.

There are few answers to this question of life. Fewer still, to this glorious continuation that you call 'living'.

I have no idea what it means.


Fuck. I love the wonder years. No, let's get this absolutely clear. I LOVE THE WONDER YEARS. You want proof? How's this- The cost of one dvd is about 50 bucks. The full series of The Wonder Years fits on 2 dvds. So, a hundred bucks, give or take. Thus, if you buy me ONE mug of beer, which is about 50 bucks, I promise to give you the 2 dvd set of the wonder years, written on dvd, all in avi format, in person. The catch is you have to give me the minimum of one hour of your company in Mojo's along with that one mug of beer. Also, I require a 200 word (minimum) writeup on one of your favourite childhood memories, or anything related. (Ganja’s last post is a brilliant example of something out of the ordinary). Here’s my submission.

Deal? I promise you it's worth it. Really. Have I ever lied to you? As a bonus, I'll even throw in the OST of the series. And I don't just mean the Joe Cocker version of the Beatles classic. I mean all the background groovy guitar instrumentals that play in, well, the background. Promise.

Ok, sweeten the pot some more. The best 3 writeups ALSO get one dvd filled with material from my hard drive, as you choose.

Last date? Feb 28th. If you want to (read: please do), you can tell other people about this too. Whoever. I’m still game to pay. Either you put up a post on your blog and send me the link, or you write me an email, which I'll gladly put up here.

Yeah, that’s how much I love The Wonder Years.