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January 30, 2006

Random thoughts while flying 9w516 BLR-CCU Boeing 737-800 (9:40-11:40 A)

Really, I never cease to amaze myself(!) with observations made in the most mundane of places. Take the B'lore airport, for example. You'd think that it's simple case of checkin, fly, checkout, right? Not really (Else, this would be the shortest post ever.) To paraphrase Chuck Palhuniuk, your life comes in single servings after a point of time. Single serving breafast, single serving lunch, hold the ICantBeliveItsButter, single serving friends, single serving ImInLoveWithThisStewardess...

But anyway.


The loss of infinity
Is only felt
When you fall asleep and dream
To abandon the borders of reality

This is how I met Pyler Durden :D


Phase1: Wanting to go to the loo on the plane is the WORST ever. The entire universe conspires to make sure it has the best laughs, watching a doofus trying hard to clench farts and not embarrass himself.
Too late. This ship just blew. Peeyoo. Remind me to act like it's not my fault (It isn't!)

Phase2: Hahahaha. I don't believe it. I'm not the only one farting-it-up! There are now 4 (plus myself) in the queue. And everybody's wondering why I want to take my laptop to the loo. Hilarious. (For the record, I'm ditching Layla only at the last minute.)

Phase3: (6 minutes later)

Auuuughhhh!!! Plane toilets use paper, not water! Suddenly feeling extremely very MASSIVELY i.c.k.y. Auuuuuughhhhh.
Ironic that I'm flying to one of the dirtiest cities in the world. I have a running start, y'all. Atleast the office has released me of a burden, Mr. Durden.


Let it be known, to whomsoever it may concern, the three best songs to play on a plane when nothing's going your way, and yet is par for a boring existence, are -

1. Be yourself (Audioslave)
2. Just feel better (Santana feat. Steven Tyler)
3. BC-Sutta (Zeest)

Disclaimer - this list is subject to the condition that you're a moron and forgot to copy off more music from the HDD before takeoff.


There's a sign on in this plane that says "All trays must be kept upright during taxi, takeoff, turbulence and landing." Funny how that series of four sounds exactly like every one of my past relationships. Though it doesn't explain the CrashAndBurn each time (despite my "tray" being "upright"). Damn.

Thus ends the worst post ever.

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Finch said...

chee, what ey smell.

all the besht,
wherever you're heading.

i'll wish those citizens too..