"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 30, 2006


There ain't much to write about in Chittaranjan, so let me recount a tiny anecdote. And since this is the first time I'm using the word 'anecdote', woohoo!

The other day, I'm having my usual trash talk contest with the Castelino sisters; Kiran and Laura. That's right, for the firt time, I'm taking them both on at the same time. And it's easy, frankly. The first one's a fatass who's really too sweet to know what to say in a verbal showdown, and the other's a Bouvier, post-marriage (She tries to use a Kennedy connection, until I showed her the Simpsons connection. That one was one BIG point to me.) Law's trying really hard to push dirt in my face, and I'm fighting back, when I notice Kiran's unusually quiet.

Not good.

But I'm too engrossed in trying to make fun of the other FattyFattyBombalaty (and considering the little alien Kang festering inside of her, it's child's play, I say) when Kiran pips up. To the best of my knowledge, this is how the conversation went-

Kiran: Stop bothering my sister.
Sunil: Ha! Yeah, right. She's a better trashtalker than you.
Kiran: .
[A period means thinking, or delay tactics, or silent acknowledgement; something like that.]
Sunil: Cat got your tongue, wench?
Kiran: Don't make me sing to you.
Sunil: Uh, what?
Kiran: I will, you know.
Sunil: Whatever dude.
Kiran: You asked for it...

[And then, horror of horrors, she started. This following is verbatim. I'd saved it, and like the necronomicon, it causes madness to whoever reads it.]

Kiran:sugar plum, honey bun, umpey ympey umpkins
you're my sweeetieeee pieeee
you're my cuppy cake, gum dwops
snuggums, snuggums yourrrrrrr
the apple of my eyeee


I gave up. Also issued apologies to both sisters. Really, how does one fight something like this?

Beware the Castelinos, they practice black magic.


Kini said...

Har... nice one. Thought the part I liked was written by Kan. :D

The comments section really is slick. Btw.. showed a blog to a couple of friends here. They thought the template was brilliant. Just thought you should know. How's chittaranjan? Call me sometime in the evening.

Pi said...

Er, I didn't make the comments section. Got it off the same guy I flicked the template from. Doesn't mean I'm not going to change it :) Still beta, boy. Hopefully things can only get better.

K said...

Fatass? Hell I'll take it as a compliment.But Sweet?? Outside! Now. [But we all know what happens when we take it outside]

(and for those who don't know, Pi,[in case you haven't noticed] always spoiling for a fight so K tells him to go on ahead outside, she'll be out in a bit. And he does, trash talking all the way. She then leans back and takes another sip of her martini and smiles while she watches Pi jumping up and down outside [still trash talking] and taking swings at the air.)

All in all, been a good day for K. Pi? I'm not so sure. How does it go Pi?

Law said...

laughing at mental image of Pi waving sylph like arms in the air while stamping feet and frothing at the mouth.

K said...

And oh,
Pi and me in a fight?

You DON'T want to get me started on how and who would win :)

K said...

And hey, Faces are better than Symbols.
And on a totally unrelated note, guess what I did for fun again today? :)) Yup watched That 70's Show.
[In the politest possible tone] What did you do?

Finch said...

Kini stole my words.
Slick template I say!

But the previous collage type thingy at the title was more personal, me thinks.

oooh.. Chittaranjan beware!

according to evil twins,
i'm Lisa.
Haha! More Simpsons bombard!

okay, i need sleep.

Pi said...

How's this banner not personal? I don't geddit.

Finch said...

its personal
but the other's MORE personal

MORE. relative da. relative.