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January 24, 2006

Literary Acceptance! (er, somewhat)

The Saarang PR loved the article I gave them, if Kini’s to be believed. So now I’m dying for them to publish it, so that a copy’ll go up here on Pispeak. The goat’s also promised to keep a softcopy for me, as well as a printed version too. Hopefully it won’t get shafted to some corner of the Day0 issue; nobody reads that. What I’m hoping though, is that when I walk into IITM on Saturday, some woman walks up to me and says “Hey, you’re the guy who wrote that really neat article right? It so blew my mind!”

C’mon, I can hope, can’t I?

Back to work.

PS- For good measure, I’ve even put my email address into the article. Man, I’m such a stinker.

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Rohan said...

Hey Pi,

I tagged you. Have a look at this: