"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 16, 2006


Remember the days of free verse? Yeah, I’m back there. With actual pen-and-paper, no less (Thanks, I_!)

(Pounce, the PingPong)

Opinion... it's faster than the speed of thought,
A weapon? Maybe.
But my humanity allows for nothing more
... And nothing less.

FarSide, DarkSide, A moon without a name,
Don't hold my hand in fear; I fear too,
save your soul, and while you're at it,
Turn the lights wouldya? Haha.

Excuse me, and when I say I'm sorry,
It means I remorse, not that I care,
Pass the salt, & let me die,
Too much, your life, that I asked you to share

(It's you I'm trying to fool)

Yet another, yeah, he bit the dust,
Kissed the sky, took a trip,
Met the maker, talked to MJ,
To what avail? None.

I want to ask her, Yes I do,
Who knew I couldn't? Not you (Or you)
And I might never, but still...
(Hope floats :) )

(Guitar solo) Hey hey, these words,
You've fought, As did I,
But my solace, and endless dreams,
taught me it mattered not! (So what?)

(Not so strange, eh?)
Entrenched, Entrapment, En-Da-House!
See me? I'm the guy in the corner
Trying to fit in, But a minute later...
Wowzah! (Yeah, I'm faking)

(I wanted you to stay back)
(So did I)
(Then why didn't you?)
(You never asked)

A room with no doors (Jimmy's lost?)
It's strange you bothered to ask,
About nothing, and I'm *almost* inclined to believe that you care.