"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 12, 2006


(Goatshit, remember I said the world will end? Here's a brief explanation on why I think so.)

Let's start at the very beginning.
(A very good place to start)

The unexplainable has always held the interest of a lot of people; morbidly so, to some extent. 'The rules' always popped up the inevitable question; what is it that lies on the other side? If the rules show us all that can be seen *above* ground, is it wrong to wonder what lies beneath? Please sir, if we may, let us onanize your mental militia and let your demented, perverse 'imagination' create imagery that surprises even you, the creator.

Now 'the unexplainable' requires a little definition. I'm not just talking about stuff like the paranormal, the extranormal, or even the plain old ab-normal. Even the little deviancies like 'whatif's and 'ifonly's find a place in this non-verse that in all probability shouldn't exist... but does anyway. It's a curse of the human mind (and only the human mind) that we were granted with a weapon as powerful as The Question. The Question, in its uniquely mono-symbolic form, is so potent, that its ability to take over/ destroy the world can happen not only by its presence, but also by its absence. The Question has toppled achievements admired by mankind such as empires and monuments, as easily as it has crafted personal conundrums like love and depression. The Question lets a person reach either end of the bipolar spectrum; it gives him/her proverbial wings in an otherwise dreary existence, as it does murder the humanity of the unwed mother. It is the Question, I repeat, that wreaks the disorder which inevitably (and ironically) makes animals of us all.

And The Question is that which gave rise to The Story.

(Before you start going “Eh?” do me a favor and keep reading. I only expect the “Eh?”s at the end of a monologue. The middled-“Eh?”s only throw me off balance.)

The Story’s usually about one person, sometimes two. And there's the initial burst of sympathy that's expected from the reader/viewer towards the protagonist(s) and their role(s) before the actual narrative starts. Sometimes a clue or two is hidden somewhere there that's only explained waaay in the end, and it's usually the type (if it's well written) that makes you go wow/ohshit/thatwasgood/ummm and so on. And every story starts off in that nice whimsical Everything'sAlright kinda way, a calm before the storm, so to speak (which in itself is ironical, since this is what creates the meta-storm). This story then builds up in a hurried manner, where every next scene is more urgent than the last, and everything climaxes in the orgasmic rush that is called the 'conclusion'. There may be side stories, back angles, flashbacks, comic relief, and all the other bells and whistles and cows and connivances that make you settle into the usual groove, the genre, the 'style'; so to speak. The purpose of this whole drama is to involve the reader/listener/watcher into The Details. And that, dear friend, becomes his own undoing. The art of misdirection is always present in some manner or the other (indeed, it becomes vital to the suspension of disbelief, and hence becomes key to the creation of The Question) The Details are pre-imposed to be the core, and let us into a whole new world that requires no more reliability on actual fact; it lets us into that part we’ve wanted for so long; it’s that ultimate ticket to the unexplained.

Please sir, you do not be confusing ThaStoree with ThaDreem . They are being two verry verry diffarent things.

Ahem. Enough has been said about The Dream(75 issues and more specials, if Gaiman is thought of as the authoritative source), and though it might venture to be part of the unexplained (despite what the dumbass Freud had to say) it still isn't. Why not? To that I say, Why should it? Friggin' dreams seem more real and personal to me than repeated visions of fantasy, that's why; surely you can agree with me on this.

Anyway, so The Story began to be used for everything; The Story is that which the information revolution thrived on, and that which the internet milieu feeds upon. And The Story is that which will end the world, for the lack of enough people asking The Question, and thus plunging across the layer that keeps the unexplained away from The Truth. Which Question, you ask? Why, that's simple. Say it together with me now, people...

"What The Fuck?"

Hehe. Man, I love this shit.


Saturday Night Takeout said...

PS- Ever noticed that The Story usually has nothing to do with the way 'real life' works?

Kini said...

I loved this one. It's so different. You reached a place I don't know about pi. You really have.

P.S: JazzLit.. What a title! Genius!

Kini said...

And yes, I believe you, the world is going to end. I thought I'd agree, but yes, the world is gonna end. *shakes head and smiles*

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Hey! It's true!

You want proof? This should say a lot- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0456413/plotsummary