"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 18, 2006

Goat-o, Happy B'day. Now listen...

You're growing up, kid. You're young (yes, I still say that) and you have so much of the world ahead of you. And it's been a great 20 years so far, eh? Really, stop looking at all the things that've gone wrong and consider the pedestal that's been built for you. You wanted to be a stud- wish fulfilled. You wanted to be different- wish fulfilled. You wanted to be never lacking, whenever the opportunity arose- wish fulfilled. You have the mind, body and soul of a man who's aching to find out what the world can give him. And you will. I only hope you're not disappointed when you realize it's not that great. There're always going to be people who're idiots, and they'll always have the same rights to live that you and I do. They'll breathe the same air, and will always be around to give you a bugger of a time when things can't get worse.

Worse, you'll realize that you're no different.

None of us are, you realize. And give that a thought- it really would be no fun any other way. Kabirdas says we must keep our enemies closest, since they're going to be the first people to remind us of our own descrepancies, our own fuckups, what's wrong with us in general. Which is why we shouldn't complain of their existence. Sure, bitch about them, but understand that a major chunk of your personality would have been 'them' were it not for... aaah, you get the message.

The tough part though, is the women.

What can I say that's not been said before? Just because we're born with a divining rod that refuses to shut itself off (ever!), we're made slaves to it 24/7. And there's that tiny part in our head that looks for 'the perfect woman' everywhere. Sure, she might exist, but I'm sure she's tired of rejecting every no-good loser who asks her if she wants to "dance baby, dance". Yeah. she's a hermit(-ess?) in some mountain someplace. Sure she's bored, but she's safe. I wonder if Google Earth has marked her out? Anyway, the point is, we can't afford to give up. And that's that. All further analysis is only speculation.

So you're 20 now. Good. Don't fuck up, kiddo. Sure, I'll lookout for you. But sooner or later you'll realize that it's only you who's in charge of whatever shit's being thrown at you. As you're also responsible for it being there in the first place.

Yeah, I'm sure you're fully capable of handling it. Now go, shout "Aye Saala!" really loudly and listen to Roobaroo. Twice. And I'll give you your 'gift' when we meet in Chennai.


Venu said...

I dont know who you wrote this for, but great post. You've got some Walt Whitman-ish wisdom inside you.

But sooner or later you'll realize that it's only you who's in charge of whatever shit's being thrown at you. As you're also responsible for it being there in the first place.

I would add one more thing: we've got to learn to live with shit. There's no way we'll ever live in a super-clean la la land.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Wow, thanks man. Too much of a compliment. I'm blushing :D.
And I wrote it for Kini. His link's in the sidebar.
Visit more often! And drop a comment while you're at it.

Kini said...


And I did listen to roobaroo... twice. Thank you brother. I couldn't have gotten a better birthday gift... Really.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

A naked chick would be. Too bad I'm all out at the moment :D

Sneha said...

Hey! I refrained from commenting earlier because I thought it would be too much of an intrusion but having got an encouraging nod from the goat himself I hesitate no longer so bring out the trumpets and the champagne and coke bottles for lesser mortals and all that…

Hopefully, both of you will know each other long enough and in all probability, the principles/realizations/wisdom you swear by now would have undergone a lot of overhauls, modifications and the sort of things that will make you remember that you were once however-old-you-are-now and that there was a birthday message to a 20 year old goat-o which probably added that slight bit of perfection that was required; because after all, nothing can ever be too definite

Nice post! I can almost see both of you looking at the goddamn thing years later and tripping over all the nostalgia.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Heh. Nostalgia is something we specialize in. Hell, we look at stuff that happened last week and go *sigh*.

That's because last week was Cul-ah. You do the math. :D

Venu said...

This has got nothing to do with this post, but I had a huge grin on my face reading
this poem on why we must "peacefully let Pi die"
. Getting all crypticky: You are almost one-sixth of a Russian woman, which I think you havent realised (or atleast never found a way to use it).

And yeah, I added you to my feed reader so wont be missing much of the action. My blog's here, btw.

all or nothing said...

but i thought this time Cul-ah! was a little boring. I didn't know our college had entry fees for fests!!
*rolls eyes*
btw, really nice post
i agree with venu about those lines
and also his own

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Well then, this link might not be so relevant either, but it's still funny.
Har, me tu, Venu.

AON, you're MCC? Woah. This is unnatural. Please kick Kini's ass at Saarang. Then laugh in his face and say "Pi says hi".

kiki said...

Thats a nice post pi
If you didn't like women you'd personally go
and kill each one of them ......
Hey we aren't that bad dude