"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 19, 2006

An amateur notes-

NEVER use a flash. Only only only as a last resort (but not even then.)
ALWAYS try to use the timer, a tripod (or a substitute for it. I frequently use cardboard boxes) and feed off the reactions of the person in the frame.
Have people told you that you have a nice smile? Prove it. Don't fake smiles. EVER.
If the photo's in daylight, and there aren't too many interesting colours mixing up, go for black and white. You don't have to smile. If it's indoor at night, try to use incandescent instead of fluoroscent lighting. Please smile.
Compose the picture with one thing in mind- the subject. Screw the surroundings, if it's not the part of the topic. It's like what Poe says about writing - if it's not part of the story, then kill it.
If there're more than two people in the photo pleaseohplease make sure they're sitting close to each other. Be natural. Hell, don't look at the camera, if that helps.
Don't blame the camera. Most of my best shots were as a 6 year old in NZ with a use'n'throw camera that was so amazingly crappy. But the snaps, oh god, I'm so proud. I would've stood on BrigadeRd and distributed copies to hot single women given the chance, but I'm Mom refuses to let me have them. She, of course, plans on giving them to boring Konkani "homely" girls when bride hunting season comes around. W/e.
Learn to use a photo editing s/w. Else the whole advantage of having a digital camera is wasted. MustKnows- Despeckles, Level Adjustments (Sat, Hue, Exp, etc), cropping. All available in ACDSee's inbuilt editor. If you want to PhotoShop, learning to mix pictures gives bloody interesting results.
Take the same photo thrice. Atleast. You soon learn when the right one is, well, right.
Experiment. No point in reading loser-pi's blogs and not trying to challenge even this amateur's assumptions.

Oh yeah. One last tip. Keep going through Flickr random photostreams. A lot to learn there.

And here's my submission to today's topic. No flash, +0.3 V exposure, covered bulbs for lighting, a 10 second timer, and one dirty joke about 3 seconds before the camera clicked. NOT digitally touched up. But still just right. Also, see the b/w version of it (which I think is just fabulous)

Now you tell me, what's wrong with the pic?
I'll digress here for the rest of the post. Look, the pic seems to be all nice and all, but still, something's off. I mean, I NEVER look this good in pics (Ask the toothpick brigade), and, oh lord, I actually look not-thin (If you excuse the toothpick hand on the left).
Oh great, the toothpick hand. That's one flaw. And it can't be excused.
And, wait a second, am I seeing right? That's... that's... that's Pi doing a Van Gogh! Just one ear! Holy FreakShowWeirdo Cow!
Baggy circles under the eyes. A definite no-no.
And that beard! Really, why grow it, when it refuses to grow? Scraggly.
And, godsaveme, he has a reeeeealy thin "Rajkumar from the 70's" moustache. Embarassing.
And [pleasekillmenow], if you notice carefully, right at the centre of Pi's hairline, there's a MadhuriDixit curl/perm/whatever.
Great, I look like a jerk. While my cousin looks great as ever.

But we're holding hands. And loving each other's company. What a chica.

PS- Sweety's leaving today. :( Thank god for digital memories. Seeya 'round, sister. Too bad we couldn't spend more time together.


Kini said...

I don't have a camera. And no, a nokia 6600 doesnt count! Sweety does look gorgeous and for once the toothpick effect isnt too visible, so good job(?)!

I don't have a camera! Sigh! never mind. I do have walt whitman and calin for company.

Chemical Billy said...

It's a lovely pic all 'round, Saturday Night.

Finch, Scout said...

you forgot to notice - one eye's smaller than the other.
and they're swollen.
and you're stiff. you're too busy thinking if the camera will fall thru the boxes, if you'll get married, if the picture will come out right..

fish maadthiya?
yetti kutbeka?

*evil grin*

your cousin has a lovely smile.

happy picture.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

"fish maadthiya?
yetti kutbeka?"?!?!

Holy homijeebo, I don't know what that means.

And you're right about everything EXCEPT the married bit. That's already a lost cause :(

kiki said...

What a happy picture
but eyes look one tarah !
anyways your super with the camera