"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

December 25, 2005

It's NOT amazing how little people know about anything.
What's amazing is that they're all ok about it.

This one's for each of the most terrible blogs I've read by friends, dumbasses, juniors, seniors, unknowns, populars, and whoever's learnt that taking a neutral stand on a topic is an easy way to look Psood-O (sic). If you (that's right, you, singular) just felt guilty, then I was probably referring to you anyway. As for the rest, ah, why don't you just smell my skinny ass.

"'Philaxophy' is defined as the process of describing the process of how we think the way we doo-doo. And if the puns are too much to take, you might as well get off the buzz."
Merry Festivus And a fuckall new year.

Azhar, Ganja, Mukka - Please abandon me now. I need help. Losing my mind, one cigarette at a time.

I'm considering getting back into weed bigtime, and here's why.
I used to smoke a lot of the shit, and the frequency/amount/concentration increased exponentially over the later 3 years in college. After the BE, it stopped abruptly, and it was obvious that the rumours were true... it's quite simple to kick the leaf. And I feel no side effects antmore, my sleep rhythms have come back to normal, all healthy and all that, no loss of any sense of drive, lungs all clear, cigarette smoking is quite stagnant at betwen 5-8 a day, weekend booze only... that sort of thing.
But I miss it bad. So I ask you this - presented with undeniable proof (that is, myself) that the weed ain't bad, well, why don't I start up again?
1. The buzz. Pretty self-explanatory.
2. It's cheap.
3. Tobacco consumption goes further down. As does the alcohol intake.
4. Doesn't smell, usually no traces of usage (except for the bloodshot eyes, which get fixed with AntiTears soln. in about a minute and a half, and the munchies, which nobody notices anyway)
5. The memoryloss thing is overrated. Of course my short term memory gets busted for a while... that was kind of the point now, wasn't it?
6. Mental Masturbation that doesn't leave a sore shoulder (!!!)

1. The effort. This includes the scoring, the crushing, rolling, finding a place to blaze, that sort of thing.
2. Sleep too much; slept too little. As in, 12 hours sleep is worth only 4 hours of it.
3. "Society" looks down on a potential junkie.
4. Other assorted nonsense. What I'm saying is that the cons are acceptable. The workarounds are aplenty.

And it's not like college anymore now, is it? I can afford it, the control is infinitely easier, God knows I've spent enough time with it to understand it, there's no peer pressure bullshit anymore (though I would like to meet up with We-Jayeth once in a while. Excellent Weed company, Pi-certified) and most importantly, I'll be in my own bachelor pad soon.

So I ask you- Why not? Shitty BlogPost or note, I challenge you to answer me. And hell, I'll have an open debate on this in that miasma we know as the comments section.


Have I ever told you that most of the women I've known in my life (and many more I've never blogged on) are the most beautiful in the world? How lucky I must be to know them. A lifetime worth of memories I've recieved in bantering with them. Pity they'll never know why. Many thanks for saving me, Chicas Inc.


Mukka said...

Biyatch. Good to have ya back.
Forget about nasty juniors and other assorted choots. Let's kick some New Year ass and celebrate Festivus like it's meant to be.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong.

But about new years, yeah :D Paaar-tay!