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September 14, 2005

Part 1 - Speed Reading 101

The idea is this- to read two lines of text at a time. I’m not sure a lot of people believe me when I say I can do so. Here’s an attempt at trying to explain how.

Consider the following text-

This bunch, it seems, is still hung up, on how to act like losers,
"Relax", I say, "the bear and I, we're quite brilliant abusers!
The bangys and the bitches, you just keep up the good work,
And we shall see how each of you is worse than the average jerk!"

What I do, is start reading off the first line normally, for about 1-2 words. Then I let my gaze open up to include two lines of text and leave a ‘lazy eye’, if you’ll pardon the expression, to absorb whatever text is available on both lines. By the localization of data theory, I’m able to mildly comprehend what’s happening on both lines without totally understanding either. Thus, after about a second, I’m reading –

This bunch, it seems, is still hung up, on &^%^&*^(
"Relax", I say, "the bear &^((&%*)

Now continue ‘reading’ so until you reach the end of the line at which point all the words are in your head, albeit in the ancient gobblydegook script. While turning your head back to reach the beginning of the 3rd line, again ‘lazy eye’ the first two lines, and the full meaning of the lines shoud hit you smack in the face, thus giving a decent transition into the next line.

Estimated increase in reading speed – 75%

Cool, eh? Works for me.

I’ve tried to do 3 lines at a time, but that’s just not happening. Strangely though, I can do a variation of this to do 4 at a time, but not too much increase in speed. Besides, some of the beauty of the text disappears that way.

9 more to go.


citrus said...

Quite a bit of a bother reading that way, wouldn't you say?

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