"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

August 13, 2005

Wotrashi -3

(This one's for I_)

The cloud had finally decided to leave the city of Bangalore to itself, for just one night. And the stars poured out their liquid brilliance, as if an era had passed without it's presence, and in an effort to make up for this absence, these lighted dots opened up a celestial portal to the sky, and offered a million people company in the still of the night.

And what of this 'still'? Well, the quiet spread through each bangy's body like a live current, and like we all know, the quiet of the night is much louder than the quiet of the day (EE) and gave company to a city deprived of good company for so, so long. And the music of the light played on, without rhyme or reason, and yet both.

And I walked up the stairs to the open terrace, and talked to all my good friends I'd missed- the gentle whisper of the wind, the subdued glow of a night that refuses to sleep, Mr. and Mrs Goosebump (and all of their extended family, playing my body like a Blind man's War and Peace), Joe Satriani doing "Starry night", and good ol Honeedyou Kings. And the music played on, in my head, with the leaves, in the shadows that the streetlights threw on passing strangers, be it man or animal, with brilliant backing vocals by the growls of a million more insects. It played on...

And while a minor allegro was building up in my head, I felt the urge to touch the sky, and taste all the liquid starlight on my palate. So I raised my arms and started moving... slowly at first, and my hips joined in, and soon I was running all around the terrace, like a kid in his makebelieve aeroplane ("Cleared for takeoff, junior. Get me back a souvenir from the Bahamas, wouldya?") and the rush of life that was overwhelming, nay, choking me to a point of confusion without parameter. And I'm dizzy, falling while standing, spinning while being very still indeed. Is it my imagination, or was I just saying "Wheeee..."?

And I look across the colony, and on the neighbour's roof, omigod, there's another guy with his hands reached out to the sky, and he's rushing about too, and I can hear the faint echo of him saying it too, the high pitched "Wheee...". And on another roof, and another, and another, and the whole city is up on their roofs, running about, and the silent crescendo is building up to a climax that'll come too soon, no matter when it comes. And we're all going "Wheee....". A great night to be alive!

So now I retire to bed, disregarding all worry and feeling great. Why? Because tonight I touched the sky. And if in your part of the world, if you hear what sounds like a little boy saying "Wheee..." in his sleep, that'll be me.


The sun rose. And life went back to normal, which we all know, is a total bitch.

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