"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

August 07, 2005

USA Hai, Hai... Hi there?

In big, capital letters, on a wall next to Mekhri Circle are the words "DOWN WITH USA". And my 15 year old cousin who's come down from the US, he looks at it, and he says "Man, that's cool" (This is inclusive of the horrid caucasian accent he's picked up thanks to years of listening to the 'Boston sound') My puzzled look makes him point at the sign and this conversation followed-

Me- Why's that cool?
Him- Because it's cool, that, like, y'know, people here are like, into the American lifestyle and what it's all about, right.
Me- Uh huh. So you're sympathetic to the Indian perspective against 'THE' capitalistic view about a unipolar world and so on?
Him- No no, it ain't like that. It's about how our lives are finally getting together, like, and how everyone's finally going to boogey together.
Me- Huh?
Him- Yeah man, like how those guys who painted that, are like, everybody should get down with the USA, man. Getting down and dirty with it man, that's cool.
Me- Er...
Him- Yeah man, like a global party, or something like that; getting down with it!
Me- Um, K_, I don't think that's what it means. It's not "Get down with USA", it's just "Down with USA".
Him- Yeah, you eendians need more time to get used to the slang, but that's cool man, it's all good. Sooner or later. Hey, you think we can pick up some soda somewhere? Thirsty throat happening, and caffeine helps.

I wonder if he's right. About the change, not the caffeine.