"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

August 02, 2005

Ramble on (Yeah, getting the Led out)

"Y'know, Freud says that when we dream of flying, that we're actually thinking about sex"
"Then what does it mean when we're dreaming about sex?"
"Um... oh... er..."

Again, Gaiman.

43 down, 32 to go. And of course, 10 specials.

The best thing about the books I like is how thoroughly involved I get in it. How the heroes are always dark brooding characters who're usually right... and sometimes wrong. And I'll start noticing normal people on the streets and wonder if the twisted rules the author's created in his world apply to our meaningless lives. Right now I'll stare at the woman sitting beside me and I'll think about her real life, and the dreams she'll have, how Desire will rule her actions till the very end, and whether Delerium would do me a favour and stop bothering her so :)

Yeah, it's this one thing that I'd like to ask every fiction writer I meet.
"Now then, we all know that the best stories are ones that can be believed, that can be empathized with. And the question is simple... do you sometimes start believeing your own stories? That there's a niggling possibility in the back of your head that the yarns you're spinning might be true? And that all you're doing is recollecting/creating these worlds for real?
For example, Mr. Gaiman Sir, do you believe in the Sandman, and are the nightmares he creates real beings?
Mr. Poe, of course there's a raven on a bust of Pallas, causing eternal grief to a depressed old man. But what of Signora Xenophobia; do you believe there exist such demented minds that can fathom death and how it can strip the soul from the vessel of the body?
Yes yes, Mr. Pratchett, I know there must be a world where all the old myths are true, that there's a tired old tortoise who can't wait for a decent backrub. But if magic were true in this world, wouldn't it have fallen to pieces long before, say, episode 10?
C'mon Mr. Salinger, we all know that you tried to create a world as real as possible, and that little boy is simply an extension of your own hidden soul, but really, would the boy be so willing to narrate a story that meant nothing, especially to himself? Or do you believe that some stories just don't end?
Give it up, Mr. Sheldon, we've all read the conspiracies you've rattled off, and we've been enthralled, no doubt, at least the children who don't know any better. But what mind can dream that the world is so riddled with deception and murder?"


[Of course I expect a different answer from each writer. I hardly expect anybody to say "Yes" or "No", of course not. That would be too unpretentious of the writer's kiln now, wouldn't it?]

Freud, you're such a bastard. There were some secrets that were never meant to be spoken aloud. And you didn't even get them all right. Hence, we corrupt, And get corrupted. Sometimes the power of the written word is so underrated, it makes me angry. That the reponsibility that a writer must have to understand that opinions are simply taken seriously, and words are the weapons that can change the world.

It's like how I'm talking to TD the other day, and we're arguing over the concept(s?) of religion and god. And I tell him, look, 'God' was a great idea, and that holy scriptures were an ideal method to spread what are/were considered ideal guidelines to live our lives by. Yet, people seem to have taken them a little too literally and the story is now more important than the moral. And he says that I'm an idiot. It IS the story that was meant to be taken seriously, because belief in the story itself is what gives faith to people, and saves the lives of millions across the world. Which leaves me wondering... what if the man's right? What if there were Gods that walked the earth? What if there wer edays whn we all came under judgment for our sins and actions?

Not too bad, I guess. What bothers me most about the existence of God is that, in my heart I know, that if at all there was a God(s), then now... now he/she has simply given up on us. And freedom from authority was the worst curse God could give to a world full of sinners.

And that prayer is obsolete.

And this is why I don't believe in an allforgiving God.

Damn these books, they simply litter my mind with thoughts that matter to no one but me. In a sense I guess that's acceptable, but I still need a frame of reference to know an absolute truth. And that's that.

Wow, a rambling blog. Long time since that happened. Ciao, all :)