"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

August 01, 2005


Pi wakes up, and looks around.

There's a cat without a grin, and a day without a name. There're seven little guys who're always ready to help, and a bunch of mice who can't help but bumping into people. A chick in glass slippers, and a caterpillar with an attitude. A giant egg who's gone to pieces, and a fox that's forced to eat crow. A poor little leprachaun, and a beggar with the riches of a smile. There's an arachnophobic girl who's putting on too much wheyt, and a sadistic bastard who loves traumatising the opposite sex.


Pi wakes up, looks around.

And she's staring into his face like she's shy, but damned if she's not allowed to make the first move. And her rich scent is overwhelming, so much that it's difficult to concentrate on reality and the dream at the same time. And she's got her hands on his chest, and her lips are dying to be kissed, and she's whispering words that don't make too much sense, but he'd die if she stopped. And he presses the small of her back to hear her moan and knows that it's going to climax...


Pi wakes up, but he refuses to open his eyes.

And he can hear a million words spoken with raspy hatred. And they're all saying the same thing... that he's a liar. That he's betrayed his own destiny by refusing to cooperate. And the abuses are flowing into his head, and he's not sure what they're saying is true, but he's not in a position to argue. But the hate is present, it's grinding his mind, and every attempt to fight it ends the same way... in bursts of laughter not his.


Pi wakes up, and the pain hits him like a bolt of lightning.

And it's red everywhere, and he knows he's in pain, and yet he can think clearly about every next action. And strangely, he seems to will his thoughts into action, and the world molds itself around these thoughts, yet hell is but a place where all that is good is forgotten, and suffering is only the first step of damnation. And it hurts so bad...


Pi wakes up... and wishes he didn't read the Sandman series before he went to sleep. Too much imagery. But what a ride!

Thank you, Mr. Gaiman sir.


The Agony Aunt said...

sounds like everyone's going through a version of wonderland these days, doesn't sound like a very pleasant ride either.

How can you be sure you're really awake this time?

Saturday Night Takeout said...

I can't.