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August 30, 2005

New shit


Mulholland Drive - Dir: David Lynch. Stellar performances all round, with a surprisingly brilliant histrionic display by Naomi Watts. Totally trippy, and requires about 3 to 4 'watches' to actually comprehend what happens in the movie. (PS- Keep your eyes open for the lesbian lovescene. Yum :) )

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Johnny Depp becomes a madman. All round funny.

This is Spinal Tap - A spoof rockumentary. PissInPants funny. Listen to the lyrics of 'Big bottom'. (Yes, the song is about a big bottom. Velvety cheeks, and all that.)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind -Title off an A.Pope poem (Sorry Mukka). Highly recommended. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet show some brilliant on screen chemistry. I can finally forgive her for the Titanic debacle (while Leo was already granted a place in 'the forgiven' because of The Beach)

Annie Hall - Overrated as a cult/bestever comedy flick. I'm afraid a lot of 'normal junta' just won't get the Allen-ish brand of humour ("I refuse to be a member of a club that'll have me as a member"- Ok, that's Marx, but still.) However, still an excellent watch, and Diane Keaton is gorgeous as ever.

BeforeSunrise/BeforeSunset - Marry me, Julie! Richard Linklater and Co. at their scriptwriting best.

SouthPark - Bigger, Longer, Uncut - if you can figure out the pun in the title itself, you can get an idea what the movie's about, atleast the type of humour propounded. Get a few guys over, a lot of beer, and laugh your ass off.


Planetary - Ganja forced me to read this, and turned out to be quite nice after all. Story flies all over the place, giving another twist to quantum multiverses (hey, I'm a nerd, and love this sort of thing). Somewhat gimmicky(like the Batman special), but easily forgiven.

From Hell - Alan Moore's 600 page masterpiece. Hell yeah! Look out for all the freemason trivia. Not for the weak of heart.

TopTen/SMax - Again, Alan Moore. Funy, clever, typical Moore (atleast, what I think is 'typical'). Pro-AlternativeOrientation references. A brilliant social commetary for the late 20th century lifestyle.

V for Vendetta - Moore. Very 1984/BNW-ish. Asks the question, "Would you support anarchy, despite a morbid choice of method?" Excellent for personal introspection, or so I thought.

The killing joke - Moore's Batman masterpiece. The joker's roots revealed. Felt such a nicotine need after I finished. Like good sex, eh? (Wish I knew, but that's another story altogether.)

Batman - YearOne, DK1, DK2 - All Frank Miller. And it shows. I love stories which make one go "OhFuck, I never saw that coming!" DK1 recommended for all Batfreaks. Hell, recommended to all who love a good yarn.

Spidey/Wolverine/Xmen issues - about a hundred, and then I lost count. Spidey's got the best quips in the business, and Wolverine is surely the kind of guy we'd like to share a beer with. Highlight- Ultimate Spidey #67 by Brian Bendis, where Spidey and W exchange bodies. Hell, I don't remember laughing so much for a comic. (Actually I do, but I'm not sure psychedelic Champak stories count. )

SinCity - I'll let you borrow it, if you promise to wipe the drool off when you return it. How does FM do this?


Hell, where do I even start? Tell you what, the next post will be a complete music review. It takes a while to go through 10 gigs of new music.

Mukka, Ganja, Kini - (Sashtanga Namaskara). Thank you.

In other updates-

-Finally putting some work together for the RJ demo tape.
-Madras is truly the most bizarre city I've ever been to. And not in a nice way. Thank god for friends.
-I_, is it almost time to say goodbye? Just maybe. Do let me know if this is what you're feeling.

And now, back to the grind.


Mukka said...

'Eternal Sunshine....' based on a PKD story? I thought the name came from Alexander Pope's poem 'Aloisa and Abelard'. Remember Dipam's door: 219?

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Oops, my mistake. I meant to say it's based on Dicksian memory erasure concept (Paycheck, Total Recall), and Kaufman, the screenwriter, admitted as much. Even the romance feels like it's straight out of a PKD novel, with a silent protagonist and the rest of the world going crazy around him. But yeah, no actual PKD story on it. Will change.