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August 31, 2005


Temple of the Dog.

Sounds terrible as a bandname, eh?

Surely, on first glance, it's obvious that a bunch of prepubescent boys who knew how to play 3 power chords (in dropped-d, that too) and wanted to impress those gothic chicks in class, decided to use the family pull in the music business and record an album.

But 'temple of the dog'? Man, that sucks.

Hell, I'm expecting screeching guitars and vocals that'll go "ooooh, baaaybeeee, we're so kool and let's touch the sky, bye, bye, bye..."

Look at the song names, wouldya?

"All night thing."

"Call me a dog." (And then erect a temple maybe?)

"Reach down." (Where's a parental advisory sticker when you need one?)

And Mukka/Ganja actually listen to this? Hell, let's give it a shot.

(twenty minutes later)



Daniel Heath said...

I went to university in 1991, the year when you would've thought that album, along with Pearl Jam's Ten, was issued to every college freshman as part of their orientation. I always figured it was one of those albums that had to imprint on you like a mother duck to a duckling... Apparently not.

Thanks for the link, by the way.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Hey, I loved the album. Chris Cornell and co., couldn't get much better. Just hadn't heard it till now, that's all. And when I get just the mp3s, I tend to make a snap judgement based on only the Bandname.

But now, I melt. Very neat music.

PS- How'd you even find this page?

citrus said...

Perhaps he didn't go so far as to click on the 'Oh'

Daniel Heath said...

I found the page b/c the little counter that I put on my page (www.blogspot.com) gives me stats on where people are coming from when they visit.

Whenever I see a page I don't recognize, I follow it back and see who is being kind enough to send visitors my way.

A little big-brother-y? Hm, maybe more like friendly-cousin...