"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

August 04, 2005

A 30 second movie

The set- A sheet of water, depth unknown. Extends on all sides until the horizon drops off. An empty sky, save the colour blue, and an unseen sun as a light source, no shadows are thrown anywhere. The actor(s)- Just one woman, falling through the 'sky'; in slow motion, however. A look of fear on the woman's face, which means eyes wide open and arms on both sides. One (female voice) narrator.

Narrator: I Hope I'm Dreaming I Really Hope I'm Dreaming Though I Remember A Plane And The Plane In The Sky And There Were Other People But I'm So Alone Now And Have I Always Been Alone But The Plane Is Gone And There's Nothing Else Nobody Else And I'm Dying I Don't Want To Die But I'm Dying And There's A Rush And I'm Sorry So Sorry Why Don't You Hear Me And I'm Looking Down And It's Rushing Up And I Wish I Could Wake Up And If This Is A Dream I Could Wake But Why Am I Not But I Miss The Kids And S_ And This Isn't Fair So Unfair Why Me God Why Me Unfair And I What Did I Do To Deserve This I...

[5 second pause. This is, of course, in slow motion time, and would probably be a fraction of an instant in reality]

Narrator: But That's Not Fair And I Remember That I Begged Forgiveness And I Made Good On My Promises And Why Me Why Me And I'm Scared So Scared Scared Of Dying And Please Somebody Tell Me This Is A Dream And WAKE UP And I'm Not Waking Up And I Know It's Not a Dream But Still And I Wish I Wouldn't Die And I Want To Live Forever And...
[Frame Freezes. The voice stops. The Woman is barely inches away from the water. And in suspended animation. Forever. Her wish is fulfilled. Scene fades out to the RequiemForADream OST]