"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

July 11, 2005

The office- 1

The Office Bitch- Apparently got her heart broken by the office stud 4 months ago by a level 2 stud (level 3 being the highest), who also works in this office, albeit in another room.
This means that the woman now spend many hours peering at, well, me. The type? Long neck, scrawny (...ier than me!), thick glasses, and for some reason she keeps pinching her own hand; today she actually bit herself.
Man, I sympathise with Level2Stud.

Level2Stud- Very studly. He's the type a 5 O'clock shadow looks kinda cool on. Oversized jacket, Nikes, a usb drive dangling from a keychain that says 'BornFree'. Does not smile. The silent lonely type.
Unfortunately, smells like a jackass. Explains the silence and the loneliness.

The Peon- Full Sleeves, Pants with pleats so that his ass looks twice what it probably is. Touches himself for about half an hour, and then invites the whole office for Tea in the ‘RelaxationArea’. Repeats process in the afternoon. Yuck.

Standard Survival Gear
1. A Source of Music + Earphones
2. Chewing Gum (No cigarette breaks, unfortunately)
3. Bottle of water
4. Clean ironed trousers and a buttoned shirt
5. Full charge on phone
6. The ability to look busy

Timings 0930 to 1800

Currently working on- How to make GUIs. And not to die laughing anytime someone pronounces it 'gooey'.

The hope- 3 weeks from now, a paycheck that'll hopefully take me through 4 weeks more.

PS- Today, some hot chick walks in... with a resume. And she got the job. Tomorrow, we try to find out more about her.
Also, I need to take something to personalize my desk. I'm debating between a bowl of potpourri and my Manny Ramirez bubblehead. Either way, I need something better to stare at, the somewhatcute steno is getting suspicious. I'm so sure she's a dyke.
Finally, 'scheide' (pronounced 'shady') is apparently German for the female... um, the part where... er... y'know...


[Visualizing a hundred wagging index fingers]


citrus said...

looks like we're in for a round of entertainment. excellent!

Anonymous said...

hotchick resume...job...detective PI.