"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 10, 2005

Yet another Father-and-Son drinkup. This time though, I think it's a breakthrough.
He smokes Kings Lights, I smoke Kings regular.
He's having a large Signature with Soda, I'm having my KingFisher beer in a tall glass.
He thinks Saira Banu was hot in her day, I'm thinking Katrina Kaif is the only good thing in her latest flick.
He's into NonVeg jokes. So am I. And we both don't know why it's called "NonVeg".
He dropped his food when he was drunk 7 years ago. I got locked, passed out in a bathroom for 6 hours.
He wishes his Mom had been better to him. Likewise.
We both share a smile when my siser puts on her accent.
He thinks I'm an idiot. I think he could have achieved a lot more.

I love the man. And I can't question the love he gives me.

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Dr H Ganesh Pai said...

nobody of my contemporaries thought sairabanu was hot because of her down to earth mammaries.

i still have to figure out what is there to be achieved after my kids get Phds's

dont beleive in routine and abject rulrs of order, but beleive in strong fundamentals and infrastructure so as to take off suddenly and positively if and when required.

believe in unconditional love and loyalty