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June 08, 2005

My grandmom's dying.

We've been living together ever since the family came back from NZ about 15 years ago. I've not been too close to her, but that's a pitiable excuse. And now she's on her deathbed. Day by day her condition's worsening. And I watch silently as the whole circus of relatives near and far come everyday. Some staying on for a few days, all leaving nonetheless. I'm guessing this is the unspoken 'last respects' routine that they're doing, but I'm sorry if it just seems like a vulgar circus to me. These are junta who've never shown up, ever.

I'm not going to say too much. I'm just missing my bapamma too much already.

The strong coffee that she used to make and the saccharine dispensers that used to adorn the kitchen shelf.
The soft white sarees that always smelt of a little too much ariel.
The bifocals that I used to inevitably sit on.
The stories of RajaRamMohanRoy when I used to sleep beside her as a kid.
Watching her water the garden at 5 pm, then pulling out her cane chair to watch the sunset. Everyday.
How she used to to worship Ramanand Sagar. And subsequent ripoffs (Jai Veer Hanuman, etc)
Watching her face light up when Mandira Bedi's ass got kicked on a previous episode of Kyunki.
Her high pitched 'congratulations' whenever I did decently in my exams.

I give up. Please don't go away bapamma. You've still got to meet my wife. Hell, even I've not met her. And the new car I'm going to get for the whole family. Or the new house in the suburbs of Sydney. The stairlift made especially for you. Or sugar free chocolates from Denmark. The imported hearing aid... so that you'll finally hear what I've never told you.

That I love you.


The Agony Aunt said...

that brought back a lot of memories, when my grandmom died i remember thinking, you were supposed to be there for my wedding...

X said...

brought tears to my eyes , ...that was beautifully written!
Blessed be!

Akshaya said...

hey sunilanna... jus read this one today.. real sweet.. i miss her too..