"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

June 07, 2005

I also.

Cut to about three months ago, when I was talking to Nithin Malik on our dear old college beach.

Er, he does the vocals for Parikrama, if you didn't know.

Scene transition to about a month later, when I'm in a hotel room under an anonymous name, seriously questioning the integrity of my own morals.

In speakeasy, this would be 'scoring'. And the punchline is, yours truly turned it down.

Another month. And I’m almost thrown out of college by the university. For having not given them enough of my time. 65% of it.

Seeing friends die. In manners gruesome enough to scar a person mentally for life.

Yeah, and then I grew some more.

A few days ago, and I was watching 400 of my closest friends about to kill each other. Because each wanted to prove to the other how much like animals they could be. Except for one thing. Not one blow was exchanged. One lancard was injured during the shooting of this production. He’s feeling better now though.

And I was cooldude chief ed of the year. First ever official attempt at being in charge of a writing book. With studlevel graphics and excellent content. A little shoddy, perhaps, but overall appreciated. [Gracious bow] Thankfully the team stuck together.

Layla, my dear laptop wench, thanks for allowing to be misused so horribly. That’s right, I’m now the proud owner of a ThinkPad. A real beaut. It’s got Wifi, Intel Xtreme Chipset, a beverage cup holder, central air conditioning, Santa Claus, porn, Room service, and a certificate to a spa.

Alright, I’m kidding. I would never store porn on this comp.

Then there was meeting A_, D_ (P_?), I_, S_ and U_. And successfully making a fool of oneself each time. Ladies-and-gentlemen, he does it again and again. Someone stop it. A menace unto womankind.

Writing 10 exams. Let’s not talk about it. Or of my three suicide attempts.

Lucky men survive. Unlucky men explode. The future’s changing, and I’m dying to find out what all the fuss is about. Could be fun.