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February 01, 2005

Fidel Castrato (I always wanted to say that...)

This blog comes after a really long time. Apologies, pispeak. Too many events have transpired to let me sit down with a calm, collected mind and actually document them. However, the fear of bad literature is as bad as the fear of confrontation- it's easier to run, but the confrontation will bite me on the ass some day or the other.

Presenting, an honest attempt at redemption.

Major event- Saarang '05.

Now Saarang is IIT-M's annual culfest, basically an excuse to spend a lot of money (but we're not sure where) on the pretext of organizing one big fuckin' party for five days, culminating on Republic day. I'm not complaining, I've had fun there the year before, but a rule has emerged out of this year's trip. NEVER attend Saarang more than once. I hate it when we go with giant expectations and they come crashing down. Damn. On the flipside, one dream of mine came true. I finally got to see Prasanna live in concert. The man is a true genius. I'm not so sure a lot of people appreciate jazz in Chennai, but the applause seemed genuine. And I wasn't even under the influence of any intoxicants!

Maybe I should explain that statement. I think, after much procrastination and bad excuses, I've reached that state where a drink (or a joint) is worth nothing more than a couple of hours of distraction. Which I've begun to dislike. There are times nowadays when I catch myself feeling pitiful at the state some of my friends have reached. And then it hits me that I've been no better. How many times have I tried to quit? Lost count. And yet each time, within no time at all, I find myself clinking glasses with yet another nameless batchmate, bitching about the days that were and those that might be. Dad said something the other day that shook my faith in myself. The words are irrelevant, but I never realized I could hurt my father so. How ashamed I was that day!

So I quit. And it's all been good. Never felt better. Running clean(er). Ah, to breath fresh air again! Isn't life good when you realize you can live it?

Major event 2- Saarang '05.

No, that's not a typo. Just another thing that happened to me there. After yars of bitching about 'personality contests', I was still pushed up on stage by the goat, to participate in "Mr. and Ms. Saarang '05". The kid's good, but lordy the horror of it all. Round 1- Written questionnaire, Round 2- personal interviews, Round 3- On stage performance in front of a very vocal audience.

Guess who won?

It's true. Apparently it's cool to talk about sex and drugs on stage, IF you can get away with it, that is. And I did. The details are embarrassing. However, I did win a nifty new philips musuc system for all the effort. Kick ass piece, considering the amount I bitched about it. It's a truly awesome feeling when you open up dirty cardboard packaging and find a beautiful toy inside. My room rocks now, and I've been listening to Sheila Chandra's vocals nonstop for a week. Thank you, IITM.
[I also picked up third place for creative writing haiku. Finally, acceptance!]

Major event 3- Saarang '05.

Hmmm, I'm repetitive now. However, this one's worth mentioning. After mooning over the fact that I'm never going to meet a woman in my life again, like a bolt of lightning she flashed before my eyes. I nearly cried when she did Princess Salome as her elocution piece. Beauty AND Brains; whoa. (oh crap, cliche central.) It's true, beautiful women do exist. Patience is all one needs to find them. Hopefully I'll meet her again. And by the way, this was the high point of Saarang '05 for me. Screw the rest.

College's exactly the same. Can't wait to leave it. Three months, how fast can you leave me?


Ganja said...

I don't remember reading this at all dude. Filed away in the nostalgia section now. Good, I'm going to go through your archives to see what I've missed.

Finch said...


just got a ha-yuj grin on my face. that's all.
the rants just stopped, didn't they?

Finch said...

and the bastards didnt acknowledge my haiku :-(

blech. and i CANNOT write limericks.