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February 01, 2005

Fidel castrato... addendum

Thanks Kini for putting up with all the bullcrap we threw at you. You were a good friend. Saving grace at Saarang. See you at Inci, i'll try to return the favour.


Kini said...

i'm hoping the "were" was a typo...
i still am a good friend pi and as for inci... h wing has never disappointed and i dont think it ever will(for the next three months atleast!):)

godspeed ol pal

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Not a typo. It's grammar. Does not imply you're still not. Jeez, what a waste of bandwidth. See you at Inci. Any special requests?

citrus said...

you're alive.. yayyy

citrus said...

..ah enough with the yayying ... it gets boring when the designated entertainer [you] decides to take an extended vacation.

Saturday Night Takeout said...

Glad to be wanted. Like a personal Jeeves. (More tea, Madam?)
Hi citrus, nice to be back. What's up with you? Been reading your blog regularly, just not commenting. And what's the deal with saby? Weird dude.