"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 07, 2005

What is the answer?

[This one thanks to Gurumad]

The Demon asked the Creator, why are the pleasures of
Heaven only for the Gods? I have not choosen to be
what I am, and yet am bounded by the clutches of
Hell. Do you give privileges to some and not the
others? In what way am I, in Hell, not your child, than
the Gods in Heaven?

There was no answer.

How is it that you deem me unrighteous when I obeyed
and reign only in the flames of Hell? I am a Demon only
because I Obeyed... blindly. Yet you gift the
disobedient, the ones that dared question what you
told, the bliss and serenity of Heaven. Do you expect
me to stay obedient in Hell for all Eternity when i
know of Heaven?

There was no answer.

If I have to make all my decisions myself, then it
shall be so.
... and thus came Demons to Heaven.
The disobedient, meaningless Conquerers have trampled
into the gates of Heaven.

What is the Answer?