"'Truth is strange," you know, "stranger than fiction' - besides being more to the point" - Edgar Allan Poe

January 07, 2005

Music playing- 'My own prison' (Creed)
Mood- Forlorn

You always grow up on your Bangalore trips.

This of course applies to every place, I guess. But when you've been coming to the same darn place for the past two decades, it's still a matter of surprise when things like this happen.

Let's see-
-This trip, you realized that being grumpy ain't cool. That's because nobody gives a shit.
-You got some awesome loot, which includes the neat 20 gb mp3man and a bunch of tshirts.
-You finally said goodbye to somebody, getting over one childhood fear. It felt bad, but it also felt really good. (Bye cuz, have fun in Maine!)
-You saw dead people. Ok, not like Haley JO, but in your arms and out of breath. Chennai was a literally sad trip.
-You figured out stuff about your friends; how you're not like them, and also how you don't need to be.
-You rediscovered blogging. Your readership might still be in single digits, but atleast you're writing again.
-You got your closure with V_. She doesn't know it, but it's better this way.
-You grew up. (This would be the miscellaneous section)

Ah, and tonight you head back to college, back to the grind (there's an overused expression, if I've ever seen one). A routine you're used to, where you're recognized and meant to live on a reputation. Back to college, where Hwingers will welcome you with open arms, or plastic glasses.
But mostly, back home.

Goodbye B'lore, you've been a good companion. The weather was great, the parties were fun, and the artsy fartsy stuff was commercial as hell. That was all good, but I've got to leave you now. I'll be back, I swear.

Till then...

Ending music- 'Until we say goodbye' (Joe Satriani)


citrus said...

ok, simple logical reasoning does not come into play here, but last night when i read this post i felt kinda sad that you were leaving... nevermind that i don't know who you are or that i haven't really even seen your face. good luck and god bless then since you're going away :)
[*note to remember the lack of logical reasoning]

Saturday Night Takeout said...

[awkward feeling].

Wow. Feeling, well, quite funny here. Unexpected. Totally flattered.

Bangalore is a regular haunt of mine; I'm there atleast once a month, so it's not like I've migrated to the Easter islands forever.

Loophole- Since this blog is supposed to be a journal for my thoughts and so on, a virtual diary, so to say; what do I do when I want to blog on about one of my readers?
Will blog on this topic soon. Enough time has been spent thinking about it.